Hunger Games: Catching Fire

April 13th, 2013 by

Did you get a chance to see the Hunger Games movie? How about the books? The story is set way in the future, and it’s about a post-apocalyptic United States where there is a deadly lottery known as the Hunger Games. It’s a little intense for really young children, but it’s a great series, one of our favorites here used cars Cincinnati…let us tell you why!

The Hunger Games is great for a few reasons. The first is that it’s a cusp-young adult book. It straddles a lot of the same lines as the Harry Potter series, and that’s good company. In theory it’s for young teens and older, but adults will likely find it at least pleasant to pass the time. The second great thing about it is that the main protagonist is a female. It’s fairly rare to see interesting, action-packed books with a woman in the lead, and it’s always a breath of fresh air when one does well. Finally, it’s great because of the movies their releasing! We here at buy here pay here Ohio liked the first one, and the second one looks like it’s going to be even better.

Check out the video below