Buy A Used Truck with Bad Credit

March 23rd, 2018 by
Woman in a black dress with pink nails cutting a credit card with black scissors

While trucks are some of the coolest vehicles on the market today, many buyers feel that they will never get to experience the joy of owning one because of their poor credit history. After all, trucks aren’t exactly cheap, and many dealerships give customers with less than perfect credit history, a very difficult – if…

Buy Here, Pay Here In-House Financing at McCluskey Automotive

March 9th, 2018 by
Tons of dark and light green dollar signs on a white background

At McCluskey Automotive we are pleased to be a buy here, pay here auto dealership. As a premier dealership serving the tri-state area, we are happy to offer our valued customers the buy here, pay here option when they purchase a vehicle from us. If you have had trouble getting financing for a vehicle we…

The McCluskey Financing Approach

March 2nd, 2018 by
Hands using a calculator on a desk next to a pad of paper, a laptop, and eyeglasses

What’s the best way to keep someone from purchasing the vehicle of their dreams? If you said, “Make the vehicle too expensive to afford,” you’d be right. New cars and trucks are expensive, prohibitively so for the average customer. Therefore, most potential buyers have to go through the process of researching, understanding, and deciding between…

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