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When it comes to finding a compact car that’s high on energy but not tight on space, your options may be limited. Sure, these days plenty of compact SUVs, crossovers, and coupes provide plenty of cargo space or outright style, but few can bring the kind of sleek sophistication that only comes in a sedan – and that’s a problem Chevrolet was more than willing to fix.

Enter the Chevy Cruze, a sporty, compact four-door sedan built to take on both the urban sprawl and the tangle of highways with ease and grace. Built to suit American tastes and powered by Japanese-inspired engineering, Chevy’s compact sedan nameplate has revitalized consumer interest in the compact style and brought a touch of class to the roads that just about any driver can enjoy.

If you’ve had your eye on a used Chevy Cruze or simply need a quality vehicle to match your busy lifestyle, here’s a look at everything the Cruze nameplate brings to the table. Chances are, you’re going to like what Chevy has to offer with this sporty, stylish compact vehicle.

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Used Chevy Cruze


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Used Chevy Cruze Design

Used Chevy Cruze Exterior

Ever-Improving Design

If there’s one thing that truly sets the Cruze apart from other compacts, it’s the stylish four-door compact style that offers a distinct blend of interior space and a small stature, perfect for everything from short trips around the city to long drives out to vacationland. With precise engineering and a modern design, Chevy actually accomplished building something that, according to the New York Times, might have seemed an impossibility – a compact car that “Americans might buy because they like it — not simply because it is cheap.”

A Sleek Exterior Style

Aside from its small size – just 181 inches from bumper to bumper – the Cruze also boasts some of today’s most attractive and modern styling cues, including everything from the sharp wraparound headlights to the classic, aerodynamic front chevron-style grille. A smoothly-arcing side panel includes large windows for two doors, and the form of the door panels themselves helps with aerodynamics for improved fuel efficiency.

A Surprisingly Roomy Interior

Despite how compact the Cruze may seem on the outside, with just one step into the comfortable cabin you’ll find the Cruze to be oddly deceptive when it comes to size. Passengers are able to stretch out in any of five available seats, and optional features like automatic air conditioning, premium leather upholstery, and a heated steering wheel add that extra level of comfort and luxury to your ride.

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Used Chevy Cruze Performance

Used Chevy Cruze Performance

Power Right Out Of The Gate

Since its earliest days, the Chevy Cruze has packed some serious power – sort of surprising for a compact, which many would simply assume gets good gas mileage anyway. Chevy decided to look one step ahead, however, and thus the Cruze has easily some of the best performance to match amazing efficiency, as well as a surprising diesel option that’s sure to please those looking for total power and efficiency.

Sporty Standard Engines

Since its inception, the Cruze has relied on one powerful engine to get it where it needs to go – Chevy’s 1.4-liter EcoTec I4, offering plenty of power ever since the Cruze’s North American debut in 2010. This impressive, scrappy option pushes out a maximum of 181 horsepower and up to 173 lb.-ft of torque in the 2011 model and provides a sporty, satisfying ride for any driver out there – and with a fuel efficiency of 26 mpg city and 36 mpg highway, you’ll be breezing past gas stations left and right as you get on with your adventure.

Impressive Diesel Options

Of course, for those in need of some serious performance power who aren’t willing to sacrifice power, the Cruze comes through with its surprisingly efficient 2.0-liter Family Z ecodiesel engine. This powerful option brings up to 161 horsepower and 266 lb.-ft of torque, all while pushing out up to 27 mpg city and an astounding 46 mpg highway. This means you’ll be able to take on even the worst the road has to offer without worrying about having to stop at the pump.

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Used Chevy Cruze Safety

Used Chevy Cruze Safety

Built To Suit The Modern Driver

The Chevy Cruze is a product built purely for the 21st century – designed from a reworked Japanese model from as early as 2001, the Cruze utilizes all the best modern technology to encapsulate just what it means to be a modern vehicle. Featuring some of today’s best entertainment and connectivity technology, as well as advanced safety technology to keep you and your riders safe, the Cruze is built to meet any demands the future may throw at it.

Stay Entertained Out On The Road

Those looking for modern entertainment options won’t be disappointed in the Cruze. Featuring a wide, intuitive 7-inch LCD touchscreen connected to the Chevy MyLink system, drivers can choose to connect to their favorite streaming audio, as well as their own MP3, Bluetooth, and auxiliary devices. CD and DVD players add that extra level of backseat fun on the road, while satellite radio and a hard-drive with 10 GB of storage help you bring the party wherever your Cruze may take you – and then some.

Safety Comes Standard

Those looking for plenty of performance power need look no further than the Cruze – but with all that power, you’re gonna need some high-level safety. That’s why the Cruze packs some of the best safety systems available today, from standard advanced airbags and seatbelts to available preventative safety tech like rear park assist and a rearview camera. All of this garnered the Cruze the highest possible ratings of “good” in front, side, rear, and rollover crash protection tests by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), ultimately earning its spot as a Top Safety Pick for 2011, as well as a five-star rating from the The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

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Find Your Used Cruze With McCluskey

Whether you’re a longtime lover of the Cruze’s clever compact style or simply looking for a great vehicle to get you where you need to go, don’t miss out on the Chevy Cruze. Built from the beginning to be reliable and safe as it is pleasingly powerful, this mighty compact is ready to withstand the worst of what you can throw at it – and there’s no better place to find one than here at McCluskey.

At McCluskey, we’ve got a talented and professional sales staff ready to help you find the Chevy Cruze that’s perfect for you. Whether you’re looking more for the original 2011 model or the supremely-outfitted 2015 Cruze, our sales team is here and ready to help get you where you need to go in style – and to help you get this Cruze going.

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