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    Silver Used BMW X5 angled left

    As a luxury German automaker, BMW has always been about efficiency, strength, and refinement in every vehicle that manufacturer. As an example of this progressive mindset, BMW does not even offer an SUV, they instead have SAVs instead which stands for Sports Activity Vehicles to more appropriately reflect that they are closer to being a sleek car than a massive truck. The new and used BMW X5 models are the second largest SAV that BMW offers, and it is one of the most efficiently designed vehicles ever to grace the automotive market.

    First manufactured in 1999 right at the start of a brand new century, the BMW X5 was manufactured with a clear purpose to give drivers a reasonably sized vehicle that they could not only trust to be powerful and spacious but also handle itself with appealing grace and decisiveness. The BMW X5 is not only appealing in performance, but its style is something no other brand can seem to imitate as perfectly or is willing to offer. All in all, the BMW X5 is truly a one-of-a-kind vehicle that makes you feel unsurpassed when you are behind the wheel.

    Efficiently made vehicles like the BMW X5 are not the type to age like spoiled milk; they only grow more mature like fine wine. Since 1999 the BMW X5 has just recently entered its fourth generation with the 2019 model, but the generation you will want to look into is the second generation. The second generation BMW X5 is not only the time when it this model series truly hit its stride, but it is also the generation that will offer the most value. The first generation is now outdated, and the improvements made in the third generation just are not worth the money they are asking for at this moment in time. This means a second generation used BMW X5 for sale will offer the absolute best value for the most reasonable price.

  • 2006

    Bright red 2006 used BMW X5 in front of a garage door

    Powerful and precise, the 2006 BMW X5 is a Luxury SAV that performs flawlessly on and off the road. The main appeal of the BMW X5 is its sleek design and handling capability that makes it feel more like a sedan than an SUV. With up to 355 horsepower and 6,000 pounds of towing potential, the 2006 X5 is always ready to take on a challenge and do it in seamless style. Secondary on the list of positives would easily be the spacious and secure cabin that contains plenty of luxury accommodations and is designed with only the most sophisticated material options such as high-grade leather and smooth wood. Measuring to be 184″ L x 74″ W x 67-68″ H you get up to 54.4 cubic feet of cargo space with all the seats down, and 23.8 cubic feet with all of them up, allowing for seemingly limitless space utility. The 2006 BMW X5 also received top safety scores which should grant driver's peace of mind while on the road.

    Overall a used 2006 BMW X5 for sale will always be seen as a premium option for those who want the most efficiency made vehicle on the market that never fails to impress with its style, power, and grace.

  • 2007-2008

    Silver used BMW X5 Drives down a twisty road

    In 2007 the BMW X5 was redesigned to increase the efficiency of the space without impacting any of the visual elements luxury drivers find appealing. In fact, unless you know that the dimensions when from be 184″ L x 74″ W x 67-68″ H to 191″ L x 76″ W x 70″ H and the cargo space went from a max of 54.4 cubic feet to 61.8 cubic feet, you wouldn’t even be able to tell the difference.

    The 2007 and 2008 BMW X5 are brilliant machines that run on precision and refinement. Every detail is taken into account when creating this brilliant and stylish automotive as a whole, and it clearly shows in the performance. While the X5 is a larger SAV with a powerful engine and plenty of passenger and cargo space, it was designed to handle like an automotive of a much smaller size while on the road. Nimble as it may be, the X5 can still handle up to 350 hp and 6,000 pounds of hauling capability without a problem. The X5 is also a luxury model so the interior cabin is flawlessly designed with premium materials and amenities so that you may enjoy the ride in comfort and sophistication. Secure and now with a third-row seating option, this will be a ride that makes the journey better than the destination.

    Considering the passion and careful consideration placed into the BMW X5, you should easily find that even the used 2007 and 2008 BMW X5 models for sale at your local dealer will have aged gracefully and provide you a luxury experience at a more reasonable cost.

  • 2009-2011

    A dark silver used BMW X5 in front of the ocean

    The BMW X5 is a sporty, and efficient luxury SAV that provides room for five passengers and offers optional third-row seating for those who want to bring along more for the ride. Measuring to be 191″ L x 76″ W x 70″ H the X5 offers with up to 61.8 cubic feet of flat-folding premium cargo space to store your belongings when all seats are down, and 21.9 cubic feet when they are all up. The cabin itself offers high-grade amenities for comfort and convenience and is designed with the finest leather and wooden accents to give off a first-class experience no matter where you go. When it comes to performance, the BMW X5 is not only strong but nimble when it comes to handling. The X5 was specifically labeled an SAV in order to showcase its on-road abilities that mirror that of a sedan more so than an SUV.

    The 2009 BMW X5 first introduce the optional 3.0L inline-6 diesel engine that produces 265 hp and 425 lb-ft of torque in order to hail 6,000 pounds. It also intruded heated rear seating and an automatic tailgate.

    In 2010 the BMW X5 had a few minor exterior improvements such as a new bumper in the front and rear. The iDrive system also got a refreshing upgrade. This is also the year the X5 was given an M model that produced up to 555 hp with its 4.4L V8 engine.

    In 2011 even bigger styling changes occurred including LED lighting, a new bumper with a new metallic lower trim panel, and some revision to the fog lamp placement. This was also a big year f/or power as the 2011 BMW X5 gained powertrains such as a 3.0L turbocharged v6 which produces 300 horsepower, and a commanding 4.4L V8 that produces 400 horsepower; both paired with the new to 2011 8-speed automatic transmission.

  • 2012-2013

    A white used BMX X5 drives on a mountain road

    Nearing the end of generation two, the BMW X5 is still as refined, powerful, and efficient as it ever has been. Still, as unique and eye-catching as ever, the luxurious X5 still sports the signature kidney grille design and pulls off a look that is both bold and refined in the most cohesive way possible. The sophisticated cabin is as spacious as it has ever been with 75.2 cubic feet of flat-folding cargo space with all seats down, and 35.8 cubic feet of space when the passengers need their room. With new innovations being implemented each year the amenities available for the BMW X5 have only gotten more advanced, more efficient to use, and more enjoyable for everyone who gets to take the journey with you. When it comes to power, the BMW X5 is not only strong but nimble as well with seamless handling that only vehicles of a much smaller class could normally pull off.

    In 2012 there were very few if any dramatic changes considering the major innovations of 2011, but one many will enjoy is the slight increase in cargo space. There is also a few minor upgrades such as leather being available on the base model and option packages being reconfigured to better sure the needs of drivers.

    2013 ended the second generation with an increase in horsepower from a max of 400 to 450. The towing max was still 6,000, but overall it makes for some thrilling acceleration. Besides that, there were no other noteworthy changes to note for the 2013 edition.

    A used BMW X5 from any model in the second generation is sure to deliver a luxury experience you will never forget.

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