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The car-buying process can be hectic, but it’s made a whole lot worse if you’re forced to pursue a vehicle with poor credit. Often times, it will appear that these customers have no options for purchasing a car. However, there is a unique opportunity that these individuals should consider.
While the Buy Here-Pay Here industry tends to be surrounded by a negative stigma, there are actually a number of benefits that these dealerships provide to their customers. If you’re struggling with a poor credit score, see why you should consider this specific route, and then explore why you should be pursuing your next vehicle from McCluskey Auto…


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Why Buy Here-Pay Here?


We understand if you’re a bit tentative about pursuing a vehicle from a Buy Here-Pay Here dealership (after all, this industry doesn’t necessarily have the best reputation). However, these businesses actually provide their customers with a number of incentives, and these benefits go beyond the fact that the seller is willing to finance your vehicle. Rather, you can anticipate additional monetary incentives and a number of protections. Once you dig into the specifics, you’ll feel better about the prospect of pursuing a vehicle from a Buy Here-Pay Here dealership.

Unique Opportunity

Normally, if an individual is struggling with a poor credit score, they’ll find that it’s particularly difficult to secure financing from a traditional lender. These banks or credit unions don’t want to lose money, and they’ll perceive these individuals as too much of a risk. As a result, these individuals can’t afford to purchase a vehicle, leaving them without any options.
Well, rather, they’re without any options if they fail to recognize the benefits that a Buy Here-Pay Here dealership offers to their customers. These businesses are willing to provide their customers with the necessary financing and their next vehicle, leading to a one-stop car-buying experience. Of course, it goes beyond the obvious convenience factors. Rather, these dealerships truly provide a unique opportunity. If these Buy Here-Pay Here dealerships weren’t willing to provide the necessary financing, these cash-strapped individuals wouldn’t have the ability to purchase a vehicle.
Now, there is a fair share of misconceptions that surround this industry. Primarily, customers anticipate incredibly high-interest rates when they agree to a particular financing offer. While the interest rates will be higher than usual, customers shouldn’t expect a value that’s through the roof. While the higher rates mean you’ll ultimately be paying a bit more in the long run, you’ll have to remember that there aren’t many alternative options.
Furthermore, these dealerships have a reputation for having a quick trigger finger if a customer fails to make a payment. Ultimately, these Buy Here-Pay Here dealerships are plenty reputable, and they won’t want to compromise their public standing by repossessing a car. While you should definitely make an effort to complete your payments in a timely manner, you shouldn’t expect the world to come crashing down in the event that you are late.

Monetary Incentives

Considering the impending interest rates, you may wonder how there could be any monetary incentives to pursuing a vehicle from a Buy Here-Pay Here dealership. However, the benefits are rather obvious when you start to think about it. By having a monthly payment plan, you can slowly build up your credit over time. While you won’t see drastic changes overnight, you should see your score improve during the entirety of your loan. Ultimately, when you’re finished paying off your vehicle, you should be in good enough shape to secure financing from a traditional lender during your next car pursuit!


For starters, there tends to be a stigma that these Buy Here-Pay Here dealerships sell beater vehicles that are bordering on “lemon” material. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The majority of these sellers tend to offer a number of dependable vehicles, meaning you shouldn’t worry about the quality of your “new” ride.
However, despite the adequate quality of these vehicles, Buy Here-Pay Here dealerships still offer their customers a number of protections. For starters, the majority of these sellers offer some type of return policy, meaning you won’t face any financial penalties if you notice a mechanical issue. Normally, you’d be forced to tolerate the vehicle until you can afford a replacement, which is a scary scenario for those with poor credit scores. Furthermore, assuming you’re going to be pursuing a used vehicle, you can expect the dealership to include some type of warranty with their cars. That way, if you do come across any issues, you won’t have to dig into your pockets for the necessary maintenance or repairs.

Why McCluskey?

Now that you recognize all of the benefits that accompany a Buy Here-Pay Here dealership, it’s time to figure out which business you’re going to target. Well, if you live in the Cincinnati, Ohio area, there’s no better choice than McCluskey Auto. The dealership’s financing department will help find customers a logical payment plan, but the benefits go beyond this. Rather, the business also offers a vast inventory, a trustworthy service department, and a number of conveniences, thus optimizing the entire endeavor.


While we’d never suggest targeting a specific vehicle before you figure out your financing details, it’s still worth noting that you won’t be limited when you pursue a vehicle from McCluskey Auto. After all, the dealership is currently stocked full of vehicles, providing you with a host of offerings during your pursuit. Specifically, the dealership is housing more than 600 used vehicles, including more than 290 cars, more than 200 SUVs, and more than 100 trucks and vans. Regardless of what type of vehicle you’re pursuing, we’re confident you’ll find it sitting on McCluskey’s lot.


We don’t blame you if you’re not looking forward to the impending pursuit of a used vehicle. You won’t only have to figure out the necessary financing details. Rather, you’ll also have to search through a vast inventory and then negotiate the price of the vehicle. Ultimately, you should be anticipating that you’ll have to spend multiple days towards this endeavor.
Fortunately, McCluskey is looking to reduce some of the natural stresses that accompany such a pursuit. By providing their customers with a number of convenience factors, these prospective buyers can ultimately anticipate an optimal buying experience. A big reason for this sentiment can be attributed to the dealership’s flexible hours. The business is open at 9 am from Monday through Saturday, providing customers plenty of opportunities to visit the premises.
Furthermore, the dealership is incredibly easy to find, meaning you won’t have to waste unnecessary time attempting to find the premises. Located right off U.S. Route 27 in Cincinnati, Ohio, customers can expect to find the business with ease, allowing them to better use their time completing other aspects of the buying experience.


While the finance department is a notable service, the dealership doesn’t stop there. Rather, McCluskey also provides their customers with a service department, meaning you won’t have to look elsewhere if your vehicle comes across any issues. Usually, customers would be forced to rely on a random mechanic, which can cost them a fair chunk of money. However, thanks to the service department at McCluskey, customers can trust that the team of expert technicians will get your vehicle back on the road in no time.


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