What to Look For in a Used Car Dealer When You’re Working On Improving Your Credit

October 19th, 2022 by
A woman is shown giving a thumbs up at a buy here pay here dealership.

According to the experts, less than 2% of Americans have a perfect credit score of 850, which means that most US citizens are actively working on their credit. If you’re not satisfied with your credit, you’re not alone, and when it comes to making big purchases, like a house or a vehicle, credit plays a…

McCluskey Buy Here Pay Here Dealerships Want to Serve You

May 26th, 2017 by
Man in a blue shirt holding up a car key with his arm around a woman in a black and white cardigan, both standing in front of a white vehicle

McCluskey Buy Here Pay Here Dealerships are available to anybody who may be in need of a newer model car, truck, or SUV. We are proud to work with individuals who may not have an impeccable credit history, which is needed these days to finance a vehicle at most dealerships. We are making vehicles available…

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