Why You Should Buy the Optional Warranty

July 5th, 2014 by

When you shop at a reputable dealership like McCluskey Automotive for used cars in Cincinnati, Ohio, you know that you can trust the quality of the vehicle you buy. However, even great cars can experience problems down the road. Engine problems, transmission issues and breakdowns with the electrical system can all occur as the car ages.

Performing the recommended maintenance can help you to prevent problems from developing, but the manufacturer’s warranty

can cover you if some problems do occur. Exactly what the manufacturer’s warranty covers depends on the make and model of the car you buy. Generally speaking, the warranty covers only major issues with the engine or the transmission. These repairs are some of the most expensive, so this warranty can help you save a lot of money. However, the manufacturer’s warranty is very limited.

In addition to the manufacturer’s warranty, an optional warranty is usually available for your vehicle. The dealership sells the optional warranty, and it includes coverage for many more repairs on your vehicle. Again, the exact coverage depends upon the car you are buying and the dealership offering the warranty. In most cases, the optional warranty extends coverage to items like the air conditioning, the fuel system or the electrical system. The optional warranty will also extend coverage for an additional number of years or mileage.

The cost of the optional warranty varies, as well. You may be able to buy a shorter warranty for just over $1,000, or you may be able to buy an extended warranty for a few thousand dollars. Should your car experience problems down the road, the warranty could save you much, much more. You should consider the warranty to be insurance that covers many of your car’s repairs. By making this initial investment, you may be able to save double or triple that amount over time. You should always invest in the optional warranty if it is available for your car.

Shopping for the right Cincinnati Ohio used cars can help you get a dependable vehicle that will last you many years to come. Yet even the best cars can still suffer problems as they age. Buy the optional warranty and make sure you are protected.