The Black Thursday Frenzy Beings Early for an Ohio Best Buy

November 20th, 2013 by

Best Buy Store

The sales that happen on Black Thursday and Black Friday create a panic amongst shoppers everywhere. They begin to strategically plan out everything, from how early they will depart to exactly where they will go. Some people, however, choose to go above and beyond to insure that they themselves get the opportunity of “first dibs” on the goods. Certain stores, like Best Buy, really offer amazing deals for this holidays sales, and it shows in the dedication of its shoppers. In lieu of the fact that shoppers can buy and pay for their goods for such killer deals, the Best Buy in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, is getting some recurring fanatics. Let’s take a look on just how early these shoppers camp out.

A full 10 days before Best Buy opens its doors for special Thanksgiving sales, Jonas Allooh was in line. On Monday, he pitched his large 10-man tent just to the left of the front doors and fired up his gas generator and space heater. Seeing as it was a whole 10 days before, we were not completely surprised when the 28-year-old Willowick man said, “this was the first time I’ve been first.” By the next day though, he already had company. Last year, Tony Regec had been first in line, and he quickly came to fill the second spot once he noticed Jonas. Regec had not even planned on coming so early until he saw Jonas already waiting. “We’ve got a little community here,” Allooh noted.

With many more squatters expected to join in the wait, Store manager Josh Parker noted that these bargain hunters are a little ahead of schedule. He is used to seeing the tents go up a week early for Black Thursday sales, but not an entire 10 days. By no means does he mind though. “It builds excitement for us,” he said. “It’s kind of the culture of our business.” Parker said employees will check on their temporary residents from time to time. “We don’t want anything bad to happen to them on our watch,” he said. “But they’re professionals. They know what they’re doing.” Professionals might even be an understatement for these two guys. In addition to a generator and space heater, Allooh’s home-away-from-home has a bed, a microwave oven, a laptop computer, a TV and a game console.
Regec’s pad will be suited up similarly by the time he’s done, his parents said.

There is a cool little trick to the rules of the line. Allooh expects to have plenty of company. Nine other friends — some of whom have been part of this Thanksgiving tradition longer than he has — are in on the deal and will be with him when the sale commences at 6 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day.
He said the store requires one person be present at the tent at all times, but that the tent reserves a space for 10 in line. “We’ll play board games and keep pretty active,” he said. Tony will be joined by family too, and we can see why. In 11 years, it is estimated that Tony has saved “tens of thousands of dollars” on electronics and other Black Friday purchases at the store. The deals come in handy for the father of five, and since he’s a sound engineer for a rock band, he’s got the spare time during this slow season. Shop on, you guys!