Foot Golf?

April 27th, 2013 by

McCluskey Automotive FootGolf

Golf is hard, can we agree? We got the clubs, the nice shirts…heck, we even bought the funny hat. None of it helped shave a stroke off our game. No, we’re more the kind to try the easier cousins of golf. For example, we’re accomplished frisbee golfers! And now, we get to add another game to our repertoire. Let us here at McCluskey Automotive, your home for buy here pay here, tell you all about it.

The sport is called FootGolf, and it’s pretty much exactly what you expect it to be. You play golf by kicking soccer balls, the normal holes being replaced by 21-inch holes to fit said soccer balls. We here at buy here pay here Ohio think this sounds like a blast, but there aren’t a lot of courses yet.

Apparently, it started back in 2009 in the Netherlands, and it’s just now gaining international appeal. In addition to being easier, it has the boon of being more affordable. A full set of golf clubs costs an arm and a leg, but sneakers and a soccer ball? Most people have those things in their garage or basement.

What do you think? Does this look like a fun game or is it just another fad sport that will die out?