eBay Find: A 1994 Dodge Viper with only 504 miles!

November 30th, 2013 by

Dodge Viper with 504 miles

There are a lot of different categories one can put a used vehicle into. First off, you have the newer used models, like the ones you can get at our Buy Here Pay Here dealership. Next up, we look towards the iconic, or rare concept, vehicles of yesteryear that sell for big money at auctions and trade hands like crazy. Third, and usually last, we look at the vehicles that are beyond run down and have loaded up way too much mileage. Occasionally though, there is another category to look at, and this is exactly what we have here in this golden eBay find. Let’s take a look at this Dodge Viper and just how awesome it is to find on like this.

Frankly, it is really hard to find any early examples of the Dodge Viper that haven’t been crashed, modified, or scrapped for whatever reason. It is even harder to find one that looks like it is fresh out of the showroom. One eBay seller has a perfect version of the 1994 V10 roadster up for sale, and boy is it amazing. With only 504 miles on the odometer (as the description tells us), this is quite the rare find. What is even better is the exceptional Buy It Now price of just $37,500. Now that is a steal, especially when you compare it to the not so well kept early Vipers that are also listed. We love the new Vipers as much as the next Dodge enthusiast, man are they amazing, but it is hard to ignore the raw beauty of this original open-top model. The three-spoke wheels, the calf-searing side pipes, it all looks factory fresh like it just rolled off the line. There aren’t even any scratches on this thing, as the seller notes that the top and windows have never been installed. How much better can you get, aside from even less mileage or an even better price, of course! This is why we love used cars.