A Game for the Future

May 25th, 2013 by

Cincinnati Used Cars

What’s your favorite board game? When I was a kid, there were only a handful of options. You could play checkers or chess if you wanted something quick and easy, or you could play Monopoly if you wanted the night to end in a family-wide feud where everyone goes to bad quiet and angry. Nowadays, there are new boardgames being developed every single day. You go into a game shop, and  there are super elaborate games like Settlers of Catan that have paved the way for a wide variety of others. People are even inventing games that aren’t meant to be played by anyone living. We know it’s weird, but we here at Cincinnati Ohio used cars swear it’s true!

A man named Jason Roher has been tirelessly designing a game that he hopes no one alive will ever play. It’s called “A Game For Someone” and its rules are unknown. Jason constructed the game out of titanium to withstand time, and then he buried it in a random location in the Nevada Desert. His hope is that someone, way down the line of human history, will dig it up and give it a play. Here at your Cincinnati car dealerships, we almost want to go dig it up and give it a try!

“I wanted to make a game that is not for right now, that I will never play,” Rohrer said, “and nobody now living would ever play.”