Why You Get Better Service from a Used Car Dealership

August 30th, 2014 by

There are many reasons to shop at a used car dealership. You can gain access to a wider selection of vehicles, and you can get a better deal on a quality car.

One of the best reasons to shop at a used car dealership is that you’ll often get better service than you would from anywhere else. Here’s why:

More Individual Attention

Many used car dealerships have a smaller staff, which allows them to give more personalized

attention to each customer. You won’t feel like you’re just another number like you would at a large, new car dealership. You’ll be able to work with a sales person who takes the time to learn what you need and help you find the best car.

Local Ownership

Often, used car dealerships are owned by someone who lives in the community. While there are some chains of used car dealerships, most are individually owned. That means that if you have a problem with any aspect of the car buying process, you’ll have better access to the person in charge. You’ll get more response to your questions and concerns that you might at a large, corporate dealership.

Community Building

The success of used car dealerships relies more on the local community than national chains. Used car dealerships are often more interested in building relationships with the community, such as by offering better trade-in values, giving back to local charities, and hosting community events. You’ll have a better experience at a used car dealership, and you’ll feel better knowing that you are helping to promote your local economy.

The next time you are ready to buy a new car, consider shopping at a used car dealership. You’ll get much better service than you would at another dealership, and you’ll enjoy better prices on a wider variety of vehicles. You’ll also be supporting your community and building a relationship with a local institution.