Why Shopping a Used Car Dealership is Better than an Auction

August 23rd, 2014 by

When you are looking to get the best savings on a car, you have two strong options: Shopping at a used car dealership or going to a car auction. There are many types of car auctions, including those that feature overstock inventory and those that consist of vehicles seized in criminal proceedings and repossessions.

No matter what kind of used car dealership or car auction you choose, the dealership will always come out on top over the auction. Here are a few reasons why shopping at a used car dealership is always better than shopping at a car auction:

Greater Accessibility

Tracking down a car auction can be a difficult task, to say the least. Most auctions are

not publicized, and many more are not open to the public. Some even require an entry fee or other special criteria for admission.

On the other hand, used car dealerships are easy to locate and are available throughout every community. You can show up at any time you want to shop and get the selection and pricing you need.

Time to Shop

When you attend a car auction, you will get some information about each of the cars up for auction, but it will be brief. For example, you might learn about the year, the mileage or any structural or mechanical defects. Once the car is brought up for sale, you will only have a few minutes to bid. You won’t have a lot of time to mull it over or conduct more research.

By shopping at a used car dealership, you get the gift of time. So long as the car doesn’t sell, you can come back a few days or even a few weeks later to look at the car a second or a third time. You can do extensive research on the model to make sure you want to buy.


Most used car dealerships certify their inventory or offer a limited warranty. When you buy a car from an auction, you are buying it “as is.” You will have no guarantee of the car’s condition. If something breaks down, you’ll be out the money and have no recourse.

If you are in the market for a new car, stick to shopping at a used car dealership. The lure of getting a steal on a car at an auction may be strong, but it’s usually a gamble that doesn’t pay off. However, you can be sure of always getting a good price at a used car dealership and having a better buying experience.