Three Myths Regarding Buy Here-Pay Here Dealerships

October 14th, 2015 by

Used Cars SignBuy Here – Pay Here dealerships often get a bad rap. These unfair assumptions can result in consumers avoiding a particular business, when in reality, these whispers are really just myths. BHPH lots are actually a great place to shop for a car, and they’re even better if you’ve found yourself in a bit of a financial bind.

If you’ve considered shopping at Buy Here, Pay Here car lots in Cincinnati, Ohio, you’ll be convinced once we debunk a few delusions…

You Can Get a Car (Practically) For Free!

Sure, you probably won’t be spending as much money at BHPH lots, but the purchase is still quite the financial obligation. Besides having to afford a down payment, you’ll also be responsible for monthly payments. Assuming you can afford a car, you’re still looking at an investment of at least one thousand dollars.

The Cars Are Beaters

Keys and MoneySure, there are plenty of car lots that sell rundown vehicles, but it’s not limited to just BHPH dealerships. Furthermore, it’s on you to recognize these potential traps.

Before you head out to a dealership, make sure to check for reviews online. You’ll get a better understanding of what’s in store, and you can also determine whether you should avoid a particular business.

If you’re still nervous about the car, you could always access the vehicle’s history report, which will alert you of any previous issues. It’s also a good idea to get it checked out by a trusted mechanic, although you should get a basic understanding of the car’s abilities following a test drive.

It’s Better to Visit a Credit Union

If your credit is struggling, there are numerous advantages to visiting a BHPH dealership over a credit union or bank. After all, if your credit score is low, it’s unlikely that you’ll get financed in the first place.

BHPH dealerships are taking a risk when they’re loaning money, and that required relationship between the consumer and dealer can be invaluable. While banks wouldn’t be very interested in the circumstances surrounding your credit, you’re much more likely to find some sympathy and understanding with a car dealer.

Furthermore, the dealership is going to work with you to find a fair monthly payment that works for both sides. Assuming this would fit into your monthly budget, you’ll slowly be able to build up your credit.


What did we tell you? Buy Here – Pay Here lots are actually a great place to buy a car, and you might even be able to find a couple of deals. If you’re in the market, head down to McCluskey, and you could be driving off the lot in no time!

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