Things to Know When Selling Your Car

October 6th, 2015 by

For SaleSo you’re looking to sell your car in Cincinnati, huh? The process isn’t particularly difficult, but if you head in blindly, you may be costing yourself some money in the long run.

Luckily for you, we’ve compiled some basic pointers to keep in mind for when you’ve decided to move on from your vehicle…

Understand Your Market

You’ll want to know how your car is going to sell on the open market, and you can maximize how much money you’ll make by anticipating asking prices. By doing your research, you can price your car competitively. When you see what owners with similar cars (including similar mileage, trim levels, condition) are asking for, you’ll know what you should initially be asking for. It’s always a good idea to set your asking price a bit higher than you’d take, allowing potential buyers an opportunity to negotiate.

Clean Your Car

Car WashNo one is going to be drawn to your mud-covered, dirty car. explains, a potential buyer “will probably make up their minds to buy it or not within the first few seconds.” That’s why you’ll want your vehicle to have some “curb appeal” and be capable of making a solid first impression.

It takes more than just a car wash to get your car looking good as new. You’ll want to vacuum the interior, assuring that quality is consistent inside and out. When it comes to making your car look brand new, you’ll want to wash the windows, make sure there are no personal items in the vehicle, wipe any dust away from the wheel covers, and wipe the dashboard and ashtrays.

It may be in your best interest to repair any dents or small issues, as potential buyers will surely use those as an opportunity to drive down the price. Furthermore, it’s always advised to apply a tire gloss to your wheels. Use this as a finishing touch and you’re vehicle is going to look good as new.


AdvertiseWhile a ‘for sale’ sign hanging on the back of your vehicle could certainly help, it shouldn’t be your only means of advertising your vehicle. After all, potential buyers aren’t going to go snooping around neighborhoods for potential deals. Therefore, you’ll want to post an ad saying that your vehicle is for sale.

Besides your local newspaper, you could also post your vehicle on a variety of websites ( and Craigslist come to mind). Social media also helps if you’re struggling to move the vehicle, as do various message boards.

Regardless of the source, mentions that you’ll want to be available to talk or meet whenever. Work around the customer’s schedule, as a buyer may have moved on by the time your schedule has opened up.


Not too difficult, right? All it takes is a bit of time and commitment, and you could find yourself with a lot more money than you previously could have made.

If you’re looking to take your new money and invest in another used vehicle, head down to McCluskey. The helpful staff will find the perfect car for you in no time!

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