Therapy Dog Soothes Boston

April 17th, 2013 by

McCluskey Automotive

What occurred Monday at the Boston Marathon was a terrible tragedy and our hearts go out to everyone involved. Charities are springing up to assist and we encourage you to find one (ensure it is reputable) and help if you can. In the meantime, the city is moving on, and we here at buy here pay here Ohio admire the way they’re doing it.

In a show of good spirits, there were several therapy dogs at the meetup today for Marathon runners picking up the bags they left behind. If you don’t know what a therapy dog is, it’s a dog specially trained to provide love and comfort to people who have experienced traumatic situations. The dogs are selected for their kind manner and temperament, and must be friendly, patient, gentle and always well-behaved. They can be any size and any breed, and we here at used cars Cincinnati think they’re all angels.

In the picture above and the one below, you can see a Golden Retriever doing what he can to help the people who just need a good smile. Apparently, he got rave reviews and everyone who got a chance to interact with him left a little happier.

If you have a good puppy, we encourage you to look into getting them certified as therapy dogs. It’s a great way to give back while training an amazing pooch!

McCluskey Automotive Therapy Dog