The Beast at King’s Island Celebrates 35 Years

March 12th, 2014 by

used cars Cincinnati OH

Here at McCluskey Automotive we sell used cars in Cincinnati OH. Many of our customers are repeat customers, because they know first hand just how special our dealership is. We offer great deals, with the best customer service in the business – without exception. At McCluskey Automotive, our attention to detail and love for our customers doesn’t end when they drive off of our lot. We provide great support with your new-to-you car purchase, well after you sign on the dotted line. We promise that we won’t disappear – but do just the opposite. We are here for you, no matter what your automotive needs may be. While you are deciding on which vehicle will be your next car of choice, head over to King’s Island and help the Beast celebrate it’s 35th year at the park.

The Beast first opened to the public at King’s Island back on April 14, 1979. It was a world-record breaker, as the longest and fastest ride in the entire world. It still holds its title as the world’s longest wooden coaster at 7,539 feet long. The design and research for the mammoth record-breaking coaster took only two years, and less than a year to construct. The ride is a whopping 1.4 miles long, which takes about our minutes and ten seconds to completely ride the length of. 135 and 141 foot tall drops are features of the wooden coaster, as well as a 125 foot long underground tunnel that the 135 foot drops ends up in. The coaster tops off at around 65 miles per hour, which is also an impressive rate of speed for a coaster made back in the 70’s.

While many more impressive coasters have been made since the Beast, we doubt many have the miles on them like this iconic coaster. Each of the trains on the Beast have traveled a distance of 865,133 miles, or about 35 times around the world. Have you been along for the ride on the Beast? Let us know your favorite twist or turn!