The 10th Annual Cincinnati Chicken Soup Cook-off is fast approaching!

January 15th, 2014 by

Chicken Soup

What is the ultimate soup? Actually, what is the ultimate food? The kind of food you look forward to when you’re feeling down or sick? The kind of food that seemingly has both magical and nostalgic values taking you back to childhood. It’s chicken soup! That heart-melting delicious medley of vegetables, chicken, broth, and often a dose of noodles. It’s so good, so why wouldn’t you have a contest to try and make the BEST chicken soup. Well, for Cincinnati residents that love their chicken soup, the answer to that is clear. There already is one, and it is in its tenth year of competition. The tenth annual Cincinnati Chicken Soup Cook-off at Isaac Wise Temple is going to be held on Sunday, January 26. Get in your used vehicles, Cincinnati, and get to the store to get your ingredients and grow your palette. Or, just prepare your taste buds for a magical day of chicken soup!

Last year’s winner was Josh House of Parker’s Blue Ash Tavern, and he is seen above rejoicing. Who will take the trophy home this year? The event names the best of several kinds of chicken soup, both professional and amateur. All of the soups (about 27) are available to try, and of course there is more food, door prizes, and a delightful pairing of live music and auction deals. What is best of all about this event is that it benefits homeless charities, and the entrants also donate soup for soup kitchens. Everyone can seemingly have a chance to enjoy fine chicken soup. It is only $6 for an adult, $4 per child, or $16 per family (good deal for all those big families out there). The event is going to run from about 12:15-2:15 at the Isaac M. Wise Temple, which is located at 8329 Ridge Road in Amberley Village. Come on down and enjoy the Cincinnati Chicken Soup Cook-off!