Siri’s ‘eyes free mode’ available on six 2014 Chevy models

October 16th, 2013 by

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When buying and paying for a car, it can be both fun and tempting to get the vehicle with all the bells and whistles. Technology and innovation have been coming together and pairing quite nicely with the automotive industry lately. The incredible innovations that are being included in cars, trucks, and SUVs, are simply amazing. Some of the things could not have even been imagined ten years ago, and in 2014, they are both easily imagined and readily available. One of the most popular technology to hit vehicles in recent years, has been the built-in hands-free phone pairing system. Drivers can simply link their phone to their Bluetooth enabled car, and their phone is incorporated into their vehicle seamlessly. Nearly all automakers offer some type of variation on this technology, and Chevrolet is definitely one of those.

The Apple iPhone is arguably one of the most popular cellular phones in the United States. Apple releases a new version of their popular phone every year or so, and consumers camp out for days to get their hands on the latest technology. Chevrolet has taken note of the growing number of iPhone users, and is working with Apple to incorporate the company’s “Siri” voice into six of their 2014 models. Drivers of the Camaro, Cruze, Malibu, SS, Volt, and Equinox can make calls, dictate messages, access their calendar, and play iTunes – all without glancing away from the road.

The technology allows users to control their iPhone through Bluetooth connectivity, and buttons on the vehicle’s steering wheel.