Repair or Replace Your Car: Know Which is Best For You

August 21st, 2015 by

There’s always that time.   You hear that noise, feel that clunk and then smell that metallicy, mechanic smell.  Next comes a heavy sigh and you think, “Oh boy.  This one is going be expensive.”  

Even though you love your car and it’s been treating you well for many years, it’s important to be able to decipher when auto body repair is necessary or if it’s time to throw in the towel.  

There are some specific signs to look for that will help you in deciding which will be better for you and your wallet in the long run.  

Before you rush to judgement or wait to be stranded roadside, there are definite ways to tell if it’s best to repair or replace your car.

The Cost to Repair Becomes Greater than the Value of the Car

This one seems most obvious.  Why would anyone spend more money fixing their car than the car is actually worth?  

Logically, no one would do that, but sometimes people act illogically.  

In a situation like that, money tends to not be an issue, so hey, why not?

But for the average everyday person, spending more money than the value of the car is a perfect sign that it is definitely time to replace your vehicle.  

Future Repairs Are Already Adding Up

Every car owner knows that routine maintenance is part of the expenses you add into your budget.

Annually, you spend X dollars on your car.  This is accepted as truth.  

Should you know that due to mileage and age that there is some expensive work coming up, it may be best to use your resources.  Consult with close friends and family, your auto technician and see what they have to say.  

Ultimately its your decision, but sometimes its good to get different perspectives.  

If You’re Questioning Your Safety

Clearly, if you feel your safety is being compromised, it is absolutely time to get a new car.  No question.  However, lets just say you own an older car and you’re now questioning how safe it is for you.  

That’s a legitimate concern.  Even if your car is just ten years older, there are government regulated safety measures that now come standard on newer models.

If your car is lacking anti lock brakes, advanced airbags and/or electronic stability control, you may want to consider looking into a new car.  

Because we so often develop an emotional connection to our vehicles, it is easy to understand why replacing them may not be the easiest decision.  Repairing may be the best bet for your finances.

If you have a strong engine and keep on top of routine maintenance, then you should be able to hold onto her for a long time.

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