How to Protect the Resale Value of Your Car

September 27th, 2014 by

Local used car dealerships aren’t just a great place to buy a car; they are also a great place to sell one. Once you are finished with your car or are just ready to upgrade, you can either sell your car to one of your local used car dealerships or you can trade it in for a new one.

If you take care of your car well over the time you have it, you can potentially sell it for thousands of dollars, helping you to take a big chunk out of the purchase price of your next car. If you don’t, you may as well be throwing money away.

Here are a few things that you can do to protect the resale value of your car:

Stick to the Recommended Maintenance Schedule

Manufacturers don’t recommend that maintenance schedule to make more money off you. They recommend
the maintenance because it is actually needed. By sticking to the recommended schedule, you can reduce the risk of problems with your engine or other parts. You’ll not only save money on repairs over time, but you’ll also keep your vehicle in top shape. If you keep a record of the maintenance you perform, you’ll help to increase the resale value of your car even more.

Keep It Clean

No one likes driving in a dirty car. No one likes buying one either. By keeping your car cleaned, you can protect the upholstery, the carpets and the paint. You’ll reduce the risk of stains, tears, chipping, fading and peeling. Not only will you protect the structural integrity of the car, but you’ll also keep it looking new for longer. The nicer the car looks, the more it is likely to bring in at sale time.

Drive Safely

Many local used car dealerships won’t buy a car if it’s been in an accident. If they do, they will likely pay you far less for it. You can protect your car by driving safely. Follow all posted traffic laws, and practice defensive driving. You can’t control other drivers on the road, but taking these steps can help to significantly reduce your risk of an accident, protecting your safety and your car.

Make sure you get the best price you can when you’re ready to sell your vehicle to one of your local used car dealerships. Follow these tips to protect its resale value and get the most you can for your next car.