Nissan’s BladeGlider Concept is Shown at Tokyo Motor Show

November 23rd, 2013 by

BladeGlider Concept at Tokyo Motor Show

Nissan is at it again. Just like the DeltaWing and ZEOD RC racecars, it really seems like it takes a live viewing of the Nissan BladeGlider concept to truly understand it. Yeah, we are saying it is awesome, but also pretty weird! It is more that it is awesome BECAUSE it is weird, but we will fill you on why now. The wedge-shaped, three-seat concept car hit the stage today at the Tokyo Motor Show, and Nissan says the car is an “exploratory prototype” for a future production model. Racecars aren’t too common, but if we ever get one at our dealer, eclectic drivers will likely be vying for ownership (especially since we are a buy here pay here dealership). Let’s take a look at what makes the BladeGlider the BladeGlider.

The BladeGlider is defined, quite clearly, by its design with front wheels that are only about three feet apart, while the rear has a more conventional track. Time to go check out the inside? Well, when you open the scissor doors it reveals a center driving position that is flanked by two passenger seats with a cockpit-inspired design. No power figures were actually revealed for the conceptual racer quite yet, but Nissan does say that the BladeGlider is an all-electric vehicle with its battery pack mounted toward the rear of the car helping to provide a 30/70 weight distribution front to rear.

“BladeGlider was conceived around delivering a glider-like exhilaration that echoes its lightweight, downsized hyper-efficient aerodynamic form,” said Shiro Nakamura, Nissan’s senior vice president and chief creative officer. “This design is more than revolutionary; it’s transformational, applying our most advanced electric drive-train technology and racetrack-inspired styling in the service of a new dimension of shared driving pleasure.” This efficient, aerodynamic, simple and lightweight design is sure to provide that “gliding” feel, and combine it with the feeling of gravity-defying freedom and a near-360 degree view of a glider with the pulse-quickening exhilaration of a race car. “I think that the excitement of the racing car should be mirrored in the excitement of driving the road car,” said Ben Bowlby, director of Nissan Motorsport Innovation, who has supported the BladeGlider’s development. “I think there are elements we can bring from the race track to make these future road cars more exciting, more fulfilling and give greater driving pleasure.”