Nissan Might Bring BladeGlider Concept to Dealerships

January 11th, 2014 by

BladeGlider could be coming to dealerships

Having so many used cars in our Cincinnati dealership, we see a lot of vehicles. We can attest to the fact that it is quite rare for experimental, flashy concepts to make it past the production lines intact. They usually become a more practical version of themselves, with softened edges and bigger mirrors. You don’t usually get the wacky out-there parts of the concept is what we are getting at. That is why the news that Nissan’s recent BladeGlider concept is being considered for production so interesting.

The BladeGlider concept debuted back in November at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show. It featured that McLaren-esque three-seat V layout, an electric drivetrain and a narrow front track like the ZEOD RC and the DeltaWing. It screamed “concept,” as Nissan was touting it as a reinventing of the performance car. Now, however, word comes from Car in the UK that the car may actually make it to production. Quoting Nissan VP Andy Palmer, “It’s in our mid-term plan.” “Our intention is to do it,” he says. Now, Palmer has plenty of sway, but this should hardly be taken as an absolute confirmation that the triangle-shaped car would be coming. It is, however, a very promising sign. Palmer evidently sees the BladeGlider as a way to cajole young people into becoming car enthusiasts, which suggests Nissan might try to make it inexpensive. It could, however, form the basis of a small-volume racecar, but it isn’t clear what racing organization would have it.

Before it can be green-lit though, the BladeGlider and Nissan’s lawyers must sort things out with Don Panoz. The American businessman turned car builder is suing Nissan due to the striking similarity between Panoz’s DeltaWing racer (that Nissan helped campaign at Le Mans) and the ZEOD RC and BladeGlider concepts. He appears to be targeting full intellectual copyrights, so that will be something to sort out. If Nissan ends up besting Panoz in court, though, it seems there’s at least one powerful voice in Nissan that wants to see this car happen. Would you guys ever want to get behind the wheel of one of these? We think they are quirky, but at the same time kind of awesome! You think any changes might occur in a sort of production transformation? Let us know what you think!