New ‘Subcompact’ Crossovers Target Entry-Level Buyers

November 18th, 2014 by


After lots of hints and sneaking suspicions, Mazda has confirmed that they will reveal a brand new budget crossover at the upcoming LA Auto Show.

The crossover segment is becoming more and more popular as consumers discover how gratifying it is to own a vehicle with so much functionality. And with more and more affordable models, bad credit car buyers at Buy Here Pay Here OH dealers are able to find used crossovers from brands like Mazda within their budget.

But the stand-out models are the ones that bring together style and performance with utility. From what we’ve already seen with the CX-5 and from the rumors we’ve heard, Mazda’s new entry promises to be a pretty sweet blending.

Mazda fans are really excited about adding the 2016 model to their lineup. It’s slated to fit in just below the CX-5 in terms of size.

For that reason, it’s likely that Mazda will go ahead and officially name it the CX-3. Many of the basics for the CX-3 are probably going to come from the 2016 Mazda 2, including an engine.

Though the 2 has not arrived on the American scene yet, we do know that it is big on efficiency. That means that Mazda’s fresh CX-3 crossover will boast some high mileage numbers as well if the two do share an engine.

Mazda intends to incorporate their Skyactiv technology to enhance fuel economy and appeal to conscientious consumers.

The company has also confirmed that they are going to be using their KODO design approach to give their new model a sharp look.

2015 is the Year of the ‘Sub-Compact’ Crossover

The CX-3 will be in direct competition with players like Nissan’s Juke, Jeep’s Renegade, and Chevy’s Trax. Other crossover makers better prepare for Mazda to shake things up.

And that’s not the only thing you’ll see from the brand for 2016. Updated CX-5 and Mazda 6 models will also be highlighted in LA.

Across the board, Mazda is refreshing its lineup and focusing on a future of efficiency. It will be interesting to gather more details and nail down some specifics after the auto show later this month.