New Malibu has same fuel economy as Malibu Eco

September 14th, 2013 by

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When buying a new or used car, one of the main incentives buyers look for is good fuel economy. With fuel prices higher than ever before, and the uncertainty of just how high the price of gas will go, purchasing a vehicle with good MPGs makes good sense. Hybrid and all-electric options offer the best fuel economy, but tend to have a higher initial sticker price. Government incentives have helped to soften the blow of an all-electric or hybrid car price, but they are still generally more expensive than their all-gas counterparts – until now.

Chevrolet has just announced that the all-new Malibu will have the same fuel economy as the Malibu Eco, the hybrid version of the sedan. On top of the increased MPG, the new Malibu also features a redesigned interior and an updated overall styling. Chevy incorporated the stop-start technology and the Intake Valve Lift Control on the 2.5 liter engine, helping to give the full-size car a combined city/highway MPG of 29. This high number gives the Malibu the same exact fuel economy as the Malibu Eco, but also beats out its competitors like the 2014 Ford Fusion, and Toyota Camry.

The newest version of the Malibu is sure to impress, as it offers a smoother ride, roomier cabin, and the cherry on top – higher fuel economy than past models. Consumers and car aficionados can’t deny the draw to a large sedan with the fuel economy of a small car, or hybrid version of the same size. Chevrolet is hoping that the move to give the Malibu the same fuel economy as its hybrid version will be a positive option for consumers.

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