New Job and No Car? That All Changes TODAY

August 22nd, 2016 by

Man in a grey sweater, smiling with his arms around a blue car

You just got the job you have been waiting for in order to dig yourself out of debt. Things are finally looking up, for once in a long time. On the application, you checked “Yes” next to the question asking whether or not you had reliable transportation. Back when you first applied, nearly a month ago, you thought for sure you would have found a car by now. Well, your first day is only a weekend away, and you are still being turned down for traditional auto loans due to your less than favorable credit score. Rather than panic, or take three different buses on your way into work tomorrow, take a deep breath and consider the option of securing a car through buy here pay here financing.


Ignore the Negativity

Buy here pay here loans have received negative press in the past, but rather than look down on this type of loan entirely, consider the whole picture. Buy here pay here loans are given directly from a dealership, which means that if a person has a bad experience with this type of loan, it is more likely to do with the dealership, and not with the loan structure itself.

Like anything else you read or hear about, it is important to do your own fact checking and research prior to making your own judgements. Buy here pay here loans offer a real, concrete way for drivers, such as yourself, to get behind the wheel of a reliable car without fear of rejection. Buy here pay here financing is a way to get into a car when you have exhausted every other option, and are sick and tired of being told no.


The Cycle Stops TODAY


If you have been down on your luck for a while, then you are probably familiar with the unfortunate cycle of losing a job due to not having reliable transportation. The cycle continues, because once a job is lost, the hope of securing an auto loan is also out the window. Without a job, you can’t get a car, and without a car, you can’t get a job. As frustrating as this sounds, it is the ridiculous reality of thousands of Americans, and the only way to stop it, is to take action.

If you have been sucked into this endless cycle, then you may be on the verge of giving up hope of ever turning your financial situation around. We are here to tell you that a buy here pay here auto loan is the hope. Get into your very own car, and show up to your new job on Monday with confidence – heck, you can even get there early if you want. The days of relying on unreliable bus and train schedules can be over, all you have to do is take the first step.


Before You Get Started, Do Your Research


There are so many dealerships offering the promise of reliable buy here pay here financing programs, but it is important to choose one that is offering these loans ethically and above board. Remember how we mentioned that there is an entire group of dealerships that have given the otherwise great buy here pay here option a bad name? Well, they still exist, and you need to watch out for them.

All too often, dealerships trap drivers who have nowhere else to turn into unrealistically high car payments. One of the benefits of a buy here pay here loan is that the dealership you secure your loan through, reports your on-time payments to the proper credit reporting bureau, so that your efforts increase your credit score. Unfortunately, there are unsavory dealerships that skip this step entirely, which means all of the work you put into making your payments on time goes unnoticed by the one organization that truly matters. So if you remember anything we say here today, remember to vet the dealership you opt to get a buy here pay here loan through, because it can mean the difference between turning your life around, and turning it further upside down.


Leave Your Fears Behind and Have FUN


If you have looked elsewhere for an automotive loan, then you know all too well how disappointing and embarrassing it is to be turned away due to bad credit. Car salesmen don’t always offer the best bedside manner, so to speak, and it is unfortunate how some lenders make individuals down on their luck feel so small. Because it is a sensitive matter, if you have heard No from dealerships in the past, it can be hard to get over. The only way to overcome your anxiety and get behind the wheel of your very own car, is to leave that negativity behind.

When you find a dealership that offers a great buy here pay here program like the one offered at McCluskey Automotive, then the first step is easy. Head into the dealership and let them know you are ready to start the buy here pay here financing option. A knowledgeable and more importantly, understanding team member will then discuss the steps you will go through in regards to the program. If you come into McCluskey Automotive, then you are guaranteed to get a loan through our dealership the same day, and leave in your very own reliable car.

A buy here pay here dealership that is ethically sound, will treat you like any other person who walks through their doors. After all, you are a person. Just because the last few places forgot that, doesn’t mean McCluskey Automotive will. The car buying process, whether traditional or buy here pay here, is an exciting time for any person, and should be treated as such. McCluskey Automotive will work with you to find you a reliable and safe vehicle you will be proud to drive. Best of all, that new job you just earned won’t be in jeopardy because of a lack of reliable transportation.

What are you waiting for? The time to turn your financial circumstance around is now. Here at McCluskey Automotive, we are waiting and can’t wait to provide you with the best car buying experience you have ever had.