Luce and Royston’s Aston Martin Didn’t Get Along

February 8th, 2014 by

Ever had this happen to your car?

Man’s Best Friend. Typically, we associate that saying with our friends of the canine persuasion. Whether it be a Pekinese, Black Lab, Goldendoodle, Retriever or Border Collie, all dogs fit into the “Man’s Best Friend” mold. Sometimes, however, as dealers of used cars in Cincinnati, Ohio know, dogs can be replaced by something else. If we didn’t make it obvious, we are talking about cars! Not just any cars though, but the kind you wash and wax non-stop to keep it in pristine condition. You know… like a $130,000 Aston Martin. Maybe some jealously would arise when you have both a dog and an Aston Martin, then? Whatever the case, one man from Somerset, England quickly realized the two wouldn’t be co-existing anytime soon.

One morning, Royston Grimstead left his home, only to find the wheel arch of his British convertible chewed to bits. It was all thanks to one of his dogs. Luce is the four-year-old Border Collie/Spaniel mix that is guilty of the damage, but Grimstead jokes that she may have had some motive. According to our 42-year-old car enthusiast, he had already been working on finding a new home for the adorable dog, explaining that she just did not get along with his other pups. “She must have overheard me because she’s normally friendly and never really chewed on anything before,” Grimstead joked.

Grimstead is a good guy, as he still pursued finding a new home rather than freaking out too much. Luce is now enjoying a new home we hear, and according to the Bridgewater Mercury, Grimstead’s insurance will cover the damage. If Mr. Grimstead were to take anything away from this, we would hope it is that he should always take the Aston Martin to work. Well… always take it to work once you get it fixed up.