Jeffrey Cohen’s Personal Testimony about his Chevy Volt Experience

January 18th, 2014 by

Personal testimonies show just how beneficial the Volt is

There are so many positive stories that look at what it is really like to live life through, or with, a Chevy Volt. It is such a fantastic, and efficient vehicle, and it is worth taking a closer look at notable and informative stories when looking into getting your next vehicle. McCluskey has the new and used cars Cincinnati needs, and that includes the Chevy Volt! This one Atlanta-area Volt owner in particular says that he has cut his cents-per-mile ownership costs by almost 40 percent compared to his previous car, and he attributes this primarily to his ability to drive almost all of the time on his Volt’s electric power. This is Jeffrey Cohen’s story.

Jeffrey Cohen talked with Clean Technica, telling them that he put about 14,000 miles on his Volt extended-range plug-in hybrid for the year that ended in October of 2013. More than 92 perfect of those miles were on electrons. He estimates his “lifetime” miles per gallon rating at an astonishing 384 mpg, a figure that was bumped up by the fact that he installed a Level 2 charger at home while his employer added an external 110-volt charger at work. Talk about accommodation! Cohen is just spending 45 cents a mile for his car, compared to the 73 cents he was spending in his Infiniti M35. Roughly two-thirds of those Volt costs are due to the $349-a-month lease payments, while another 15 percent is for insurance, 11 percent for the charger and 7 percent for the gas and electricity that actually powers the car. Helping to lower that last figure is an overnight electricity rate that’s about 10 percent of Cohen’s daytime rate.