The Importance of Quality Car Maintenance 

August 28th, 2015 by

While everyone knows the importance of car maintenance, what shouldn’t be overlooked is the importance of the quality of the maintenance.  It can be easy during tough economic times to ignore problems or routine car repair Cincinnati, but in the long run it will end up costing you more to fix the now much larger problem.  

Don’t Neglect Your Car

Keeping current with routine oil changes, tire rotations and system checks doesn’t need to be emphasized but it does bear repeating.  Reports are showing that consumers are keeping their vehicles for longer lengths of time.  

The reasons for this are:  1) Manufacturers are making better cars.  Technology is greater than its ever been and so there are stricter regulations.  2) It’s more cost efficient to fix a problem in your car than to buy a new one.  

Pay Attention

Because of these reasons, making sure you are giving your car the best quality and care will help to ensure that your car stays the best for you for as long as possible.  To do this, you want to stay in tune with your car’s needs.  If you car is making noise, it’s telling you something.  Listen and pay attention.

Pay For What You Get

You will also want to find a good auto technician, if you do not currently have one.  Finding a good auto technician will really help your cause.  It’s easy to bring your car to whichever auto body shop is having the least expensive service, but in those cases, you pay for what you get.  

Build a Rapport

To get an auto technician you can trust, who will be reliable and is the most competent will be the best thing for you and your vehicle.  You want a professional who is going to take their job and your vehicle seriously and understand its importance.  Your auto technician will want to build a rapport with you so you return to their shop.  

Look for ASE Certified

Finding an ASE certified technician will ensure that you are getting a quality auto technician.  While ASE is just for the technician and not the auto body shop, a shop that is going to require and invest in ASE certified technicians is likely to be a reliable shop.  

Being ASE certified is an industry wide accepted qualification that verifies your standing as a professional technician.  This is person you want working on your car.  

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