How to Evaluate a Used Car

June 7th, 2014 by

Buying a used car is one of the best ways to save money on a car. Depending on the make, model and year of the car, you can save thousands of dollars over what you pay for a new car. Depending on the condition of the car, you could even end up with a car that lasts you as long as a new car. Just think about the condition of a new car after only a year or two. You’ll get a great car at a great price.

Of course, when you’re shopping for used cars, you’re bound to find a lot of lemons. It is important to shop at a dealership you can trust to make sure the inventory is high-quality. These tips can also help you evaluate each car to make sure you’re getting a good buy:

Look for a Certification or Guarantee

Dealerships thoroughly evaluate each car before they buy it. These inspections include an evaluation of the car’s mechanics and looking for signs that it has been in an accident. Many dealerships will then offer a certification for their cars or even a guarantee. If the car you are looking at has either a certification or guarantee, you can feel more confident about its quality.

Take a Test Drive

The best way to get a feel for a car’s power and performance is to simply drive it. If the normal test drive you get at the dealership isn’t enough to help you feel confident about the car, return a few more times and request to take several more test drives. Pay attention to how well the car handles, the power of the engine, the braking ability and the performance of other features.

Get It Inspected

Many dealerships give you a grace period for returning a car. It’s usually only a few days, but it’s enough time to get the car inspected. If you’re working with a quality dealership, this is likely an extraneous step. However, if you’re working with an unknown dealership or an individual, this step is crucial. You can find any potential problems with the car before it’s too late.

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