Finding a buy Here Pay Here Deal

February 26th, 2016 by

Just because you need to look for a car at a buy here pay here Cincinnati, Ohio dealership doesn’t mean you are unable to negotiate and find a deal that works for you. You may have bad credit, but the dealerships shouldn’t be heartless or attempt to force you into a deal you don’t want. That being said, there are plenty of reputable BHPH dealerships where you can find a good deal on a car designed to meet your driving needs.

While you might not have as much wiggle room for negotiation as someone with good credit at a traditional dealership, that doesn’t mean you are locked into one vehicle; just that price range — keep that in mind. 

Downpayment and Interest Rates

The downpayment and interest rates will be higher at BHPH dealerships when compared to traditional dealerships. Depending on where you live, and your credit, your interest rate could be anywhere between 14% – 20%. Also, keep in mind that a bigger downpayment means less interest paid overtime; which is good. But there is a fine line, and you need to figure out when a bigger down payment becomes too big for your wallet.

But enough about the interest rate and downpayment, let’s talk about how you can find a good deal at a buy here pay here dealership.


This might not be the type of negotiation you are thinking of if you’ve shopped at a traditional dealership before. You won’t be getting $1,000 – $2,000 shaved off the price of your car. Instead, your negotiation power comes with what car you can get on the lot. This is because what you can afford might be set in stone, but the specific car might not be. Even a rigid price point might include a few car options.

Say you are eligible for a $15,000 loan from the dealership. This is what they feel safe giving you, so there is no reason you can’t pick a car at a lower price. If the $15,000 car runs just as well as a $9,000 model with fewer bells and whistles, then opt for the cheaper one. Why? Because you don’t need heated seats and a sunroof, just something to get you from point A to point B.

For a bad credit consumer, the value of the vehicle lies in its reliability and ability to get you safely to work and back — not in the car’s latest and greatest technology features.

What You Should Value

The car you value most should ideally be the lowest-priced, but still safe and reliable to drive. Take it for a test drive and have it checked out. That $9,000 car might not look as nice as the $15,000 one on the outside, but it might be in better condition where it counts: under the hood.

Taking all of this into consideration, the best way for you to find a good deal at a buy here pay here dealership is to negotiate. You might be surprised at the high-value you can find in a lower price, especially at a place that specializes in used cars. Just don’t get distracted by the unnecessary add-ons, and wear your haggling-hat.