Fan of the Big Mac has eaten 12,000 and counting…

September 18th, 2013 by

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One thing is certain about the American culture, we love our fast food. Whether it’s a greasy burger, a hot pizza, or a healthy sandwich – getting food quickly on the go simply can’t be beat. We buy and pay for food based on the amount of time we have. If we only have a few minutes, we generally pay less. When we commit to sitting down for a nice, expensive meal, we tend to spend a lengthier time at the table. You would be hard pressed to find a person who would spend $100 on a steak dinner, only to rush through it in fifteen minutes. Some people enjoy fast food more than others, and then there are people who really enjoy fast food, much more than others.

Dennis Rosenlof is a 64 year old man, who really enjoys eating fast food. His taste in fast food is very narrow, however. So narrow, that the only fast food he consumes are Big Macs from McDonald’s. Actually, Big Macs are one of the only food he consumes. Rosenlof’s diet consists of eating one Big Mac on Monday, two on Tuesday, one on Wednesday, two more on Thursday, two on Friday, and two on Saturday. On average, Rosenlof eats about 10 Big Macs per week, and admits to eating almost nothing but Big Macs, aside from a home cooked meal on Sunday when his family eats together.

While most may think that Rosenlof must be the unhealthiest person on earth, it turns out that he consumes 700 calories less than the average man in America on a regular day, and has normal cholesterol. To date, Rosenlof has consumed 12,000 Big Macs, and is looking to beat out his peer Don Gorske who has eaten more than 25,000 of the famous burgers in 39 years.