Easy Ways to Build Credit

December 4th, 2014 by

You would save the most money if you waited until you had cash to buy things and didn’t have to pay the interest rates associated with taking out credit. Yet few of us are able to save enough to buy a house or a car outright. There are times when you just need credit. You also can’t predict when you might have an emergency for which you aren’t prepared financially, and credit will come in handy.

If you are just starting out and don’t have any credit, or if you have a spotty financial history and are trying to rebuild your credit, it may seem impossible to try to convince someone to lend you the money you need to start creating a positive credit history. But it can be done. Here are a few easy things you can do to build good credit:

Shop Buy Here Pay Here Dealerships

Ohio buy here pay here dealerships offer those with no credit or poor credit the opportunity to buy a car for a reasonable interest rate. Not only will you be able to get a car you need, but you’ll also start building positive credit history by making your payments on time. After just a few payments, you might notice a significant improvement in your credit score.

Get a Store Credit Card

Many department stores and gas stations offer credit cards that are easier to get than the major credit cards. You can usually get them even if you have no credit or poor credit. The cards will have a lower credit line, and you can use that to start spending responsibly and to build up a positive payment history.

Get a Co-Signor

Whether you are buying a car or getting a credit card, you can usually improve your chances of getting the credit you need by having a trustworthy co-signor. Of course, you’ll have to convince someone to put their name on the line for you. But if they do, you can get the credit line and start building up a positive payment history.

All is not lost if you have bad credit. Shopping at Ohio buy here pay here dealers and getting small lines of credit can help you start building the credit you need. Make sure you take the opportunity seriously and use your credit responsibly.