Connecticut TV addicts called 911 over cable outage

August 24th, 2013 by

Cincinnati used cars

It seems that keeping up-to-date on television dramas is more important then ever in the age of social media. It’s difficult to even DVR a show and begin watching it 30 minutes past the start time to avoid commercials. If you check your Facebook or Twitter at the wrong time, you are almost certainly going to be given a spoiler by one of your friends or followers. Adults seem to be sucked into the plot lines of television dramas in a way that consumes our lives. We count down the days until the cliff hanger from the week before will pick back up. Kids have it easy – the only worry they have is whether the version of Cars that was recorded for them has commercials or not.

As adults, we make the conscious decision to start watching a show – but as the plot line thickens, a definite addiction settles in. Missing the new episode of a show you are devoted to can seem like a devastating crisis, and to a group of people in Connecticut – it is a downright emergency. The current Sunday night line up for drama junkies is absolutely perfect. At 8pm CST, both Dexter and Breaking Bad air new episodes. Not only are these two shows popular in general, but both happen to be in their final few episodes. The cliff hangers on both shows are worthy of pulling out your own hair, and take place weekly. Knowing this, it can almost be understood by a group of people in Connecticut resorted to calling 911 when they realized their cable was experiencing an outage.

In fact, so many people called 911 that evening, that the Fairfield Police Department had to post on Facebook Sunday night asking residents to stop calling them about the local cable outage. While missing Dexter and Breaking Bad may have seemed like a life or death emergency at the time, 911 should only be used for actual life or death emergencies.