Bride cancels wedding, family donates reception to homeless

September 25th, 2013 by

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Planning a wedding tends to be a buy here pay here type of event. Once you secure a venue,  you pay the deposit, which is usually quite hefty. The same goes for the caterer, DJ, entertainment, and floral arrangements. In one of the most lucrative industries in the United States, there is little to no room for pity when a pending marriage falls through. Usually, those hefty deposits are forfeited to the venue or entertainer, and financial distraught is added to the emotional element. A family in Georgia was faced with this dilemma when their only daughter cancelled her wedding forty days prior to the event. After sleeping on it for a night, the generous parents of the bride had an idea.

Instead of cancelling the reception, the family decided to gift it to their favorite charity called Hosea Feed the Hungry, based out of Atlanta, Georgia. When Willie and Carol Fowler called the charity to tell them that they wanted to host 200 homeless people at the pricy venue, the not-for-profit thought they were victims of a prank. After persistence from the Fowlers, and a sit down meeting with Hosea Feed the Hungry, the event was planned. On September 15, 200 homeless individuals were transported by bus to Villa Christina for the event. The party included entertainment and chicken fingers for the children, and a four-course meal for the adults.

The Fowlers worked with the charity to coordinate and plan the event, and were there on the day it took place to welcome attendees. “It’s just that wonderful, rewarding feeling,” Carol Fowler said. “If we could just inspire one youth in that crowd to rise above the situation today and be a very responsible member of society tomorrow, that would be extremely rewarding.” The family is hoping to make this a yearly event, incorporating education into the festivities.