BREAKING NEWS: Men and Women Shop Minivans and Hybrids Equally!

January 25th, 2014 by

See you later, conventional way of thinking!

You know the stereotype. Fast exotic cars belong to the men that love going fast, while women want something safe and practical. That may be the conventional way of thinking, but we are here to spread the word that this is not the case. We have seen it ourselves with all the used cars our Cincinnati dealer has, but proof that it is widespread has dispelled any doubts. According to the auto information aggregators at iSeeCars, it seems like both sexes shop for minivans and hybrids equally.

This study didn’t stop there, though, as they dug deeper into the different kinds of browsing habits between genders. For instance, women are twice as likely to shop for Kia and 67 percent more likely to shop for Hyundai. Men are 7 percent more likely to buy American cars (that still sort of fits into the stereotype?). Both sexes seem to shop the German brands equally, also. What seems the most surprising when pitted against the conventional way of thinking is that men might be slightly greener in their shopping because they are twice as likely to browse electric cars and two and a half times more likely to look at diesels.

The stereotype of men wanting a more performance-oriented car is not entirely false though, and they are also more likely to look at cars that cost over $45,000. “Men like fast, flashy cars. They are performance oriented, even if they have to shell out more money,” Phong Ly, cofounder and CEO of iSeeCars, said in an interview with CBS MoneyWatch. “Women are looking for the best value.” The iSeeCars study got its data directly from dealers and online sellers like eBay Motors, then determined sex based on first name and excluded gender-neutral names. What it shows is that even if men might like browsing for fast cars, practicality and economy win out in the end. It is fun to look though, guys (oh, and test-drives!). Don’t you worry about that!