5 Ways to Get Better Mileage

November 20th, 2014 by


At Buy Here Pay Here lots in Ohio, you’ll find used cars ranging from the efficient to the downright gas hogs. But even with a low-mpg car, there are tricks to maximizing gas mileage that most drivers just don’t seem to follow.

Try out these ideas, and see how long you can go between trips to the gas station. You’ll be surprised by how much extra cash you get to keep in your wallet.

Be a Smooth Operator

We’ve all got places to go and people to see. Sometimes when we’re rushing, we get into bad driving habits like starting and stopping abruptly at lights and street signs.

Those kind of patterns can seriously increase how much fuel you use. If you hastily jam the pedal down when a light turns green, you’re using up a lot more gas and only gaining a small fraction of time.

If instead you accelerate smoothly and steadily, you’ll get up to speed only a few seconds more slowly, but you’ll save big on gas.


Use Your Cruise Control

Once you’re on the road and rocking and rolling, engage your cruise control to help conserve gas. Driving at a steady speed helps a lot when it comes to stretching the time in between fill-ups.

Don’t Let Her Idle

Idling actually uses three times more fuel than starting your vehicle, so it’s not worth letting your car run. If you need to stop somewhere, just go ahead and shut it off.

In addition to saving you a few dollars, it’s also better for the environment because it reduces the emissions that your car is putting out.

Get ‘Em Inflated

If your tires are too low, it’s definitely going to throw off your gas mileage. Your car isn’t rolling smoothly, so it’s taking more energy to move you forward.
Make sure you pay attention to your car’s tire pressure monitor. It’s also not a bad idea to check your pressure regularly yourself. Even being down by just a little can affect your fuel consumption.

Take the Best Route

This may sound silly, but your tank will definitely stay fuller if you plan ahead and take the smartest route to get where you need to go.
Even if you’re buzzing around town, driving back and forth to different parts of the city when you could have accomplished everything in a couple stops is wasteful.

If you think about all the errands you need to run before you head out, you’ll have a better idea of what order you should follow. You’ll also have a better chance of remembering everything you had to do on the first try.