You Might Need a Buy Here Pay Here Loan If…

Are you tired of walking to work, or having to catch a ride from a friend just to make it in on time to punch the clock? The cycle of either walking, catching a bus, or begging a ride from a friend day in and day out can be exhausting. Whether you fell on hard times after defaulting on a loan, or racked up credit card debt you couldn’t pay back somewhere in your past, your current reality is that you are unable to finance the car you need to get on with your life. The old saying, the past is the past, is a nice sentiment, but it doesn’t seem to apply very well to your present financial situation. As much as you have tried to break free from the cycle, and as many times as you have applied for an auto loan, you keep getting turned down. This unfortunate scenario is happening to well-meaning people all over the United States, and while it is not the ideal position to find yourself in – there is a way out. McCluskey Automotive offers buy here pay here in Columbus, a guaranteed way to get back behind the wheel of your very own car.

It’s Not What You Think…

The buy here pay here loan structure is not something that has always been received well here in the United States. Thanks to dealerships with loose ethical morals, individuals who would have benefited from this type of loan, have passed it over and dismissed it as a poor solution to their financial woes. If these same people would have taken the time to understand the buy here pay here process in more depth just a few years ago, they would likely be well on their way to financial freedom right this very second. Unfortunately, they did not research this non-traditional car loan structure as soon as they should have, but the good news is, it’s never too late to start over.

Even if you fall into the category of people who dismissed the buy here pay here process when you first came across it, you can start today, and immediately begin re-establishing your credit. Buy here pay here loans in Columbus, Cincinnati, and the tri-state area are not only within your reach, but waiting for you right here at McCluskey Automotive. Make the resolution to put a stop to the cyclical nature of debt, and secure a buy here pay here loan with McCluskey Automotive, today. In just a short amount of time you will look back at this very moment, and be grateful that you took a chance, and took out a buy here pay here loan with McCluskey.

You see, buy here pay here is not a traditional way to acquire a reliable set of wheels, but for drivers who have no other option, it is the best way to get back on your feet, and back behind the wheel. Explore some of the reasons why a buy here pay here loan might be your best option, and decide for yourself if you are ready to take the next step towards financial independence.

You Might Need a Buy Here Pay Here Loan If…

  • You have exhausted all other options: Not only have you been to multiple dealerships in Columbus and Cincinnati for a car loan only to be turned down, your family isn’t even willing to loan you money for a new car. Even if you have found a financial institution willing to take you on with a co-signer, you can’t find a single person who will take on that responsibility. When everyone, even your own family, thinks you are too big of a risk – a buy here pay here dealership, like McCluskey Automotive, will give you a second chance.
  • Your credit score is low, and keeps plummeting: A bad credit score can follow you around for a long time, limiting your chance of ever securing a loan, getting approved for a credit card, and can even restrict you from taking out a mortgage. Unless you do something to change it, your credit score will either stay low, or continue to plummet into a seemingly endless abyss. With a buy here pay here loan, your credit score won’t remain stagnant or worsen, because reputable dealerships like McCluskey Automotive will report your on-time payments to the appropriate credit bureaus, so that your credit score will begin to ascend back to where it needs to be. The process is not a fast one, but with consistency and perseverance, you will be back on track before you know it.
  • No one wants to hire you because you don’t own a reliable form of transportation: Even the most promising of job interviews can turn into a nightmare when the inevitable question of reliable transportation is broached. In the past, these situations led to panic and ultimately getting turned down for a job you were otherwise qualified to perform. A buy here pay here loan guarantees that you will be approved, because the actual dealership is the one who will loan you the money for your car. If you come into McCluskey Automotive today, you can be driving home in a reliable car within a few short hours. The next job interview you attend, you will have absolute confidence in your ability to not only secure the position, but excel in every possible way.

Everyone Deserves a Second Chance

When no one else believes in your ability to turn a bad situation around, it is easy to feel defeated. Buy here pay here dealerships like McCluskey Automotive, believes in second chances. No one is too far-gone, or too “high risk” to deserve a second chance. With a buy here pay here loan, that is exactly what you will get. What you choose to do with that second chance is entirely up to you. Hopefully, you will seize the opportunity, and begin a new chapter that does not end with the number seven.

Come down to McCluskey Automotive, and discover how you can take this nontraditional route to vehicle ownership and financial freedom.