Used Cars Cincinnati

Have you recently fallen on hard times, and are in need of a reliable used vehicle to help get you back on the right track? If you have spent any amount of time looking for a used car with less than stellar credit, then it is likely that you have been turned down by dealerships that were not willing to take on a risky auto loan. Whether you fall into this category of used car buyers or not, McCluskey Automotive is a dealership that is dedicated to providing customers looking for used cars in Cincinnati the chance to purchase a quality pre-owned vehicle.

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Plenty of Used Cars for Every Budget

Your search for a high quality used car, truck, or SUV may have you feeling frustrated and defeated. Despite your endless efforts, the right used car has not yet caught your eye, and your timeline for finding a reliable pre-owned car is coming to an end. Rather than give up entirely, we invite you to come down to McCluskey Automotive and discover countless used car options right here in Cincinnati.

Here at McCluskey Automotive, we only sell quality used vehicles, and offer options from nearly every automotive manufacturer you can imagine. With over 500 vehicles in stock on any given day, McCluskey Automotive is sure to have a vehicle that will work with your lifestyle, budget, and unique needs. Our inventory boasts low-cost used cars priced under $10,000, Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles that come backed by an extended manufacturer warranty, and other reliable used cars that are sure to last you for years to come. Here at McCluskey Automotive, we don't just sell used cars, we also offer plenty of options for pre-owned SUVs, trucks, and vans. Our selection is as versatile as it is reliable, which means you really can't go wrong when you come down and spend the day with us.

Adding to the endless options of quality used cars that you will have access to on our lot here at McCluskey Automotive, we also have access to a nationwide vehicle search database, that allows us the ability to find you the EXACT used car you have been wanting, and bring it directly to our dealership for you to purchase. No other used car dealership in the tri-state region has this kind of resource at their disposal, which further solidifies the fact that McCluskey Automotive has the largest selection of incredible used cars to choose from.


Don't Sacrifice Reliability for Affordability

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As a family run dealership, McCluskey Automotive understands that every individual has a unique set of circumstances they are dealing with in their personal lives. We pride ourselves on having the ability to not only meet the needs of all of our customers, but exceed them as well. As a dealership that purchases vehicles from people like you for cash on the spot, we are able to expand our offering of reliable used cars at unbeatable prices. If your budget does not allow you to purchase a newer pre-owned car, or a used car with a high sticker price, McCluskey Automotive can still help. As we mentioned earlier, our dealership boasts dozens of vehicles priced under $10,000, with many of those models featuring a sticker price under $5,000. These low-cost quality used cars are all available for purchase with a monthly payment, many of them well below $100 a month. Whether you are purchasing a vehicle you can put a ton of miles on without fear of depreciation, or are wanting to find your teenager a great used car at a price that won't break the bank - we invite you to come down to McCluskey Automotive and explore our countless options for used cars that you can drive home in today.

One of the main reasons why used car buyers are uneasy with purchasing pre-owned vehicles, is that they are worried that they are not getting the best possible deal on their used car. Here at McCluskey Automotive, we realize that this is a major concern of many buyers in the used car marketplace, and we wanted to do something to put the minds of those drivers at ease. With the $500 Best Price Guarantee at McCluskey Automotive, you can purchase your used vehicle with the confidence knowing that you are getting the best possible deal on your new-to-you car. If you need a reliable used car here in Cincinnati, and want complete peace of mind through the entire car buying process, we hope that you consider visiting us here at McCluskey Automotive.

Our commitment to helping every driver get behind the wheel of a gently used car is one we take very seriously. Our finance department is specially equipped to work with all budgets, credit scores, and financial situations. Whether you are ready to purchase a new-to-you car in cash, need financing through a local banking institution, or have to acquire a bad credit loan, McCluskey Automotive can help.

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