Used Car Dealers – Cincinnati, OH

Used car dealers sometimes get a bad rap in TV shows and in the media. McCluskey Auto is here to change what you thought you knew about used car dealers and prove why you can be confident in your decision to stop by our dealership! The benefits of choosing a used car are easy to see, lower sticker prices, lower premiums, and plenty of industry research into the vehicle’s safety scores and performance. Buyers also have a much greater level of flexibility in their options. You can find a car in the exact make model, mileage range, and value that you want. If we don’t have it in our used car lot, we’ll start looking for it! So, if you expect a sleazy salesman at our used car dealership, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by our outstanding team of knowledgeable, professional staff who will work with you to find the vehicle that will best fit your lifestyle!

Before you start looking for a used car at any used car dealership, there are a few things that you should consider. At McCluskey Auto, we can help work with you to determine which are the most important to you and where there is wiggle-room for exploration!

A red 2016 Chevy Cruze from a Cincinnati area used car dealer is driving on a street.

Know What Kind of Car You Want

When you start your used vehicle search, start with what kind of vehicle you’re after. Are you looking for a compact car, a used SUV, or a souped-up truck to make a statement on the road? Think about what you’re predominantly going to be using the vehicle for. Do you need to haul around your kids from school and extracurriculars? Do you have a boat you want to tow? Do you frequently do heavy-duty tasks? Is fuel efficiency important to you for budget or environmental reasons? All of these questions can help you to narrow down the type of vehicle you need. Also, think about your budget and whether you’re going to be paying up-front with cash or if you’re going to be getting financing. If you have a set limit, take that into consideration when you choose the type of used vehicle you want to purchase.

Research Used Car Dealers

Whenever you make an important purchase, like the decision to buy a used car, make sure that you know the used car dealer’s reputation. Working with a dealership that you can trust can make a world of difference. Used car dealers with good reputations in their communities and online can be trusted to have done their work properly when vetting and checking their used car inventory. This means the car you purchase will be reliable and worth every penny you spent. Quality used car dealers also can be trusted to give you fair, competitive prices on their used cars. They aren’t trying to sell you something you can’t afford, but instead, make money by serving loyal customers who know they can trust them for advice and exceptional products. Do some research on your used car dealer and give yourself the peace of mind of knowing that they will treat you with the respect you deserve when you step onto their lot.

A Wide Array of Used Car Inventory

A red 2015 Ford Escape from a used car dealer is parked in front of a lake at sunset.

When you’re researching used car dealers, take a look at their inventory. If they don’t seem to have a wide selection of used cars to choose from, you might want to take your business elsewhere. At McCluskey Auto, we pride ourselves on having one of the largest used inventories of any used car dealer in the area! Our used car inventory has something for every budget, lifestyle, and need. You can take a look at our current selection of used cars, trucks, and SUVs online under each of the categories listed below to research them separately, or you can view them all together in a single gallery. If you’re planning to stop on by to start your research, our friendly customer service team will be happy to show you around, learn your personal preferences, and get you started in the right direction. Ask about the many different makes and models in stock and see why McCluskey Auto deserves its reputation for having one of the largest inventories in the area!

Certified Used Vehicles. Take a look at our impressive inventory of certified used vehicles. We have hundreds of makes and models for you to choose from along with different trims and special features, not to mention a large range of miles driven. We’re confident that you’ll find what you’re looking for in our wide range of cars, trucks, and SUVs.

Factory Pre-Owned Inventory. This category of used car features vehicles that are not owned by McCluskey Auto. Instead, these are factory pre-owned models that have previous leases and are owned by either GM of GM financial. While these cars aren’t physically in stock at our used car dealership, they can easily be purchased by McCluskey Auto and sold directly to you! All these cars have fewer than 50,000 miles on them and are certainly worth a closer look!

Vehicles Priced Under $10,000. Getting a great car and an even better price shouldn’t be a hassle! That’s why we’ve put together this category of used cars priced under $10,000 so that you can find your new ride priced to match your budget. These used cars run well and are meticulously checked by our team before hitting the lot. You won’t have to sacrifice quality when you buy a car from our used car dealership.

The McCluskey Auto Difference

Stress-Free Pricing. No one wants to complicate their used car buying experience with hours, or even days, of haggling with the dealership. That’s why at McCluskey Auto we’re committed to offering straight-up great values on our used cars. We’re so confident in our sticker prices that we encourage you to check out sites like Kelly Blue Book before buying to make sure you’re getting a great value!

Quality Warranties. All our vehicles at McCluskey Auto come with our powertrain warranty which offers free lifetime mechanical protection. Our powertrain warranty covers all mechanical parts for unlimited miles, over an unlimited period of time. We take our commitment to quality vehicles seriously and want you to be confident in your car buying experience

Financing Options for Everyone. If you need financing for your new vehicle, McCluskey Auto has your back! Our team of professional financing experts will be happy to help you get the loan you need. We know that not everyone has perfect credit, but we also know that owning a reliable car is a “must” for most people. That’s why we’ll work diligently to find you the loan that works for you. For those with good credit, we can help you get financing with the lowest down payments and lowest interest options.

Why Our Customers Trust McCluskey Auto

Customers of McCluskey Auto often remain loyal customers because of the respect we show them and the great cars they drive of the lot! Even before the used vehicle hits our lot though, a rigorous check is performed on each and every vehicle. Once it’s on our used car lot, the vehicle is thoroughly inspected by our team of trained technicians. They check the engine, transmission, filters, exterior condition, interior condition, and electric and technology functions. They then take the car for a test drive before giving it a final once-over. These inspections catch any unknown issues before the car gets sold to you, so you can trust that the used car you purchase from McCluskey Auto is ship-shape and ready to be your new mode of transportation!

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