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Buy Here Pay Here Cincinnati is McCluskey Automotive's mission to working with bad credit car buyers in order to make sure everyone is able to purchase a quality car, regardless of credit history.Our incredible dealership, located on Colerain Avenue, makes other Cincinnati Buy Here Pay Here car lots look minuscule by comparison. Because not only do we provide guaranteed financing to all customers, we offer a huge selection of used cars.

Ready to find out more about what Buy Here Pay Here and McCluskey Automotive have to offer? This is what you need to know:

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What is Buy Here Pay Here?

Buy Here Pay Here is an alternative method of financing a car that involves the dealer acting as the lender, instead of a bank or other traditional financier. These types of dealers traditionally work with car buyers who have extremely bad credit and are unable to receive financing through a traditional lender.

This allows someone with no credit history or a history of bad credit to receive the financing necessary to buy a car. Because of the extra risk associated with lending to bad credit buyers, however, Buy Here Pay Here loans typically include highest-tier interest rates on bad car loans in Cincinnati.

Many believe the reason for the high interest rates is to make more profit from each customer, but in reality this could not be further from the truth. Buy Here Pay Here dealers must charge higher than average interest rates in order to stay in business. This is because they need to offset the money lost on bad deals with customers. It's all relative to the risk.

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BHPH Fact vs Fiction

When you look around online, you will find a lot of rumors, half-truths, and outright deception that go along with the realities of getting Buy Here Pay Here financing. Some of this comes from companies or people with an agenda, while other times, it simply comes from sources that do not really understand how things work. All of this misinformation can make it difficult to understand the ins and outs of BHPH financing and really get a good sense of whether or not it is right for you. We are here to help, however, so let us take a look at some of the rumors and stories you might see and differentiate fact from fiction.

Fiction: BHPH Loans Are a Scam

Fact: BHPH loans are a great opportunity for someone who has run out of other options for affording a vehicle. For most of us, being without a car is not an option – getting to work every day, running errands, and taking our kids to and from school would simply be impossible without a car. At the same time, most of us cannot get together enough cash to buy a car outright, so some type of financing is necessary.

If your credit score is in rough shape, however, finding a lender can seem impossible, and after a half dozen rejections, it can feel hopeless. That is where a Buy Here Pay Here dealership can really save the day by giving you an option that lets you get a vehicle. It might not be the best option, all things being equal, but when things are unequal, then it can be a lifesaver. Of course, you still have to choose the right dealership because there are some unscrupulous people out there looking to take advantage of others, but that is true of anything with money involved.

Fiction: BHPH Loans Hurt Your Credit

Fact: Buy Here Pay Here financing can actually help you rebuild your credit, as long as you properly take advantage of it. Some people get the idea that applying for BHPH financing will involve a hard credit check, which can slightly lower a person’s credit score. Most Buy Here Pay Here dealerships, however, do not run a credit check, so it does not affect your credit score.

Most people looking into BHPH financing have poor credit or little in the way of credit history. A BHPH loan for a vehicle is much like any other loan – it could affect your credit score because it changes how much debt you have. As long as you are making payments on time for the loan, however, this will help your credit score. It is important that you choose a dealership that reports your payments like we do so that it actually helps you out, and you must make your payments on time. Late payments will hurt your credit, but that is true of any loan.

Fiction: BHPH Loans Always Have the Highest Interest Rate

Fact: Interest rates on Buy Here Pay Here financing can vary just like any other type of loan. That being said, they do typically have higher interest rates than what you will find with a car loan from a bank, credit union, or similar financial institution. That is because BHPH loans are referred to as “subprime,” which means they are for people who have poor credit scores or little in the way of credit history.

Some dealerships might immediately jump to the absolute highest interest rate allowed by law, but that is certainly not true of every dealer with BHPH financing. In general, your situation and income will impact the kind of interest rate you can expect to get. Ultimately, it really depends on how much of a risk you represent as a borrower, so anything you can do to mitigate that will help you get a better interest rate.

Fiction: Dealerships Will Repossess Your Vehicle Immediately

Fact: Some dealerships might repossess vehicles on BHPH loans more quickly than others, but that is certainly not always the case. This is something that really comes down to the terms and conditions of the Buy Here Pay Here financing that you agree to, which is why it is so important to make sure you review all of this information and understand it. Some dealers will allow for a grace period, while others can be much stricter about things.

Fiction: BHPH Dealers Track Your Every Move

Fact: Some dealerships install tracking devices on vehicles offered through Buy Here Pay Here financing, which they use only in cases of repossession. Again, this is not something absolutely guaranteed for every dealership, and there are many differences between various dealers. At the end of the day, however, even the most stringent dealership is not paying someone to sit at a computer all day and watch where you are going. These tracking chips are only used when a vehicle needs to be repossessed to allow the dealer to more quickly and easily find the car.

Fiction: Dealers Try to Make Paying Difficult

Fact: Dealerships are just like any other business, which means they want to make money in order to be profitable and stay in business. For them to do this, they need to make it possible for you to give them money, so it makes no sense for a dealer to actively try to make paying difficult for you. This type of story often comes from someone who did not read the terms and conditions of a BHPH loan and is surprised later by a stipulation.

Many Buy Here Pay Here dealers require that payments be made in-person at the dealership, often every month or even every two weeks. This is all explained in the paperwork with the loan, however, so it should never come as a surprise. These days, a lot of dealers also allow you to make payments online to simplify the process even further.

Fiction: BHPH Loans Punish Poor People

Fact: Buy Here Pay Here financing exists as a solution for people who have run out of other options. While many people who need a BHPH loan have had financial trouble and might be lower-income, this sort of financing is not designed as a punishment. It is an opportunity for someone who might otherwise have no way to finance a vehicle to still get a car.

In fact, being without a vehicle can make the cycle of poverty even worse for many people. If someone is struggling to pay bills, does not have a vehicle, and therefore misses a work shift or is repeatedly late, they can lose their job, and all of their financial worries become immediately worse. By ensuring that people who need a vehicle can get a car, a BHPH loan can help someone who is struggling to stay on top of things and move forward.

Fiction: Third-Party Bad-Credit Loans Are Always Better

Fact: A third-party bad-credit loan might be a good solution, but it can also be a risky choice with little benefit. For every story you hear about a BHPH loan being predatory, there are plenty of instances where bad-credit lenders have taken advantage of people. It really comes down to your particular situation, the options that are available to you, and the terms that you can get from a lender. There is no single solution that is right for everyone, but choosing a reputable dealership with stakes in the community can be a great way to get a good loan with fair terms.

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McCluskey Automotive Guarantees Financing

The amazing thing about McCluskey Automotive is the fact that we guarantee financing with Buy Here Pay Here in Cincinnati. We don't see our customers as numbers on a spreadsheet, and we certainly don't treat them differently based on their credit score. We realize everyone needs, and deserves, quality transportation. It's our job to guide you through the car buying process and make that happen.

If you're tired of being turned down, you'll be pleasantly surprised by the atmosphere at McCluskey Automotive's Cincinnati Buy Here Pay Here dealership. We not only treat each and every customer with kindness and respect, but we listen to your situation and base our financing decisions on individual situations instead of letting an automated system run our business. We're just as much in business to help people as we in the business of selling cars.

Help When You Need It

The biggest problem Buy Here Pay Here in Cincinnati solves is the lack of options for many bad credit car buyers. It's never the ideal situation, but McCluskey Automotive is the safety net that has allowed thousands of people to receive financing after being turned down time and time again at other car dealerships in the Cincinnati area.

Here's how our service has benefited bad credit car buyers all across Ohio:

Selection of Affordable, Quality Vehicles

Even though our focus is on helping car buyers receive financing, we know better than anyone that the most important part of buying a car is choosing a quality vehicle. That's why McCluskey Automotive offers hundreds of used vehicles, including cars, trucks, and SUVs, in a variety of price ranges for all types of budgets.

And as a GM-certified dealer, you'll find plenty of incredible and gently-used Chevrolet, Buick, and GMC vehicles available. These vehicles are held to a very high standard, receiving expert inspections from our certified technicians before going on sale at our Cincinnati Buy Here Pay Here car lots.

Quick and Simple Financing

If you've previous purchased a car, you know how long the financing process can be a dealership. We recognized this problem in the industry and have gone to great lengths in order to correct it and provide our customers with a superior experience compared to other dealerships that offer Buy Here Pay Here in Cincinnati, Ohio.

As long as you fill out our guaranteed credit approval application here on our website, you can skip the long waits and typical approval process and get in the vehicle of your choosing as quick as possible. No strings attached!

Gets You on the Road to Credit Recovery

When you're stuck in an endless loop of bad credit, it can oftentimes feel impossible to escape. You need to prove to the credit bureaus that you're committed to paying regularly on your debt, but have trouble acquiring any new financing in order to build new and improved credit. This is where Buy Here Pay Here Cincinnati comes in.

A car loan is a serious commitment, and paying it off will signal that you're not only paying on current debt, but able to better handle new debts with less risk. This will allow you to buy your next car at a lower interest rate, qualify for low-interest mortgages, and even qualify for unsecured credit cards.

It's a long road, and one that has to be taken seriously. So if you need a car and desperately want to get back in a good credit standing, visit McCluskey Automotive today.

Why You Should Visit McCluskey Automotive in Cincinnati, OH

Being a large market, there are plenty Buy Here Pay Here dealerships to visit in the Cincinnati area, so why should you choose McCluskey Automotive over other dealership in town? To help us improve our business, we've often asked ourselves this very same question. And here's our answer, and commitment, to you:

Honest and Quality Service

Reputation is everything in the car business, and McCluskey Automotive isn't looking to go from sale to sale and ignore the experience of our customers. We want our customers to leave happy, spread the word about our dealership, and come back time and time again. We've been in business for decades here in Cincinnati, but in order for us to stay in business for decades longer, we have to go above and beyond for Buy Here Pay Here car buyers.

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Best Used Cars in Cincinnati

If you think bad credit means you're stuck shopping small car lots with little to no selection, think again. Our Colerain Avenue dealership is stocked full of hundreds of quality used cars, including certified vehicles from Chevrolet, Buick, and GMC.

Tired of being let down by other dealerships' poor selection? McCluskey Automotive is the answer!

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