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You’re in need of a new car, but your credit isn’t the best, and when it comes to starting the search, you might believe that you’re limited as to what you can afford. You may have heard about dealerships helping you out when it comes to financing, and if you’re searching for Buy Here Pay Here, Dayton, Ohio, drivers will want to partner with a dealership you can trust. McCluskey Automotive makes it easy for shoppers, even those who are working on their credit, to get approved for financing so that they’re able to get a safe and reliable vehicle. You have options, not only when it comes to the car you choose but also how to finance it, and working with a knowledgeable team of finance experts can make the most out of your car-buying journey. Don’t think that just because your credit needs work that you can’t buy a car that will add more value to your journey, and we can’t wait to prove it to you.

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What Is Buy Here Pay Here Financing?

What exactly is Buy Here Pay Here (BHPH) financing, and is it right for you? This type of financing helps buyers who are working to fix their credit afford a vehicle that offers them a dependable ride. Through Buy Here Pay Here financing, the dealership provides in-house financing options instead of turning to outside lenders. This way, shoppers are able to get approved for financing, even if their credit isn’t the best, thus helping them travel with more assurance in a vehicle they can trust, as well as work on establishing better credit.

There are many benefits of Buy Here Pay Here financing, including enhanced simplicity in the process. In order to qualify for BHPH financing, drivers may only need to provide their income and personal information, with no credit check required. This alone can be a big relief for many looking to find a car they can depend on for their journey. Large down payments are often not required either, making this a solid option for those who are worried about how they’re going to afford a new car. BHPH is also convenient due to the fact that you are buying the car and financing the car at the same place…the dealership.

Although there are many benefits that go along with BHPH financing, it’s also important to keep a few key points in mind. Typically, this type of financing will come with higher interest rates, as well as a payment plan that could very well be bi-monthly or weekly. This differs from a traditional loan, which will require you to make a payment once per month. You may also have a limited inventory of vehicles offered with this type of finance plan, which may vary depending on the dealership. BHPH financing isn’t for everyone, although it allows drivers with poor credit to drive a vehicle that won’t let them down.

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Finance Options at McCluskey Automotive

Here at McCluskey Automotive, we believe that no matter what, each and every driver who comes to our dealership deserves to drive a safe vehicle for a price they can afford. That’s why we offer plenty of ways to help you finance your vehicle. You see, BHPH financing isn’t the be-all, end-all when it comes to financing drivers with bad credit. Through our network of lenders, we help those working on their credit find the finance plan that works for them.

We have a series of lenders who work with bad credit drivers, standing by to help make owning a new car a reality. This way, you’re able to have more options when it comes to financing your vehicle, with better rates and more convenient payment plans. You also get to work with verified lenders, who report directly to major credit bureaus, showing that you’re able to qualify for financing and make on-time payments. This means much more coming from a lender, as opposed to a dealership, which is a major reason why this type of financing is advised for our customers.

Working with our talented team will help you find the best way to finance a vehicle, as well as get all of your questions answered about the process. We understand that many drivers interested in this type of financing are apprehensive about what they can afford. By working with us and seeing first-hand all of the finance options we have, our customers quickly get excited about the possibilities for their new car. At McCluskey Automotive, we make it easy to drive home in a vehicle that will offer what you need during your journey, whether you’re on the lookout for a family vehicle, daily commuter, or an off-road warrior. No vehicle is off limits here, which makes it an obvious choice to work with us for all of your financing needs.

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About McCluskey Automotive

When you work with the team at McCluskey Automotive, you can expect a better car buying experience and more. Not only do we offer a multitude of options when it comes to financing your vehicle, but we also provide a lineup of pre-owned models that won’t disappoint. Shopping from a selection like ours allows you to find the vehicle that has everything you want, all for a price that’s much more reasonable than buying brand-new. Now, you’re able to afford a powerful pickup with all the bells and whistles, a luxurious sedan with premium appointments, or a rugged SUV to take you to uncharted destinations.

Whether you’d rather shop directly from our lot or utilize our Nationwide Vehicle Search tool, you’ll be able to find the vehicle that’s perfect for you. We understand that shopping for a car shouldn’t take too much time out of your busy schedule, which is why we provide you with so many options. The possibilities are endless here, which makes us the top dealership to partner with when a new car is on your mind. We also make it easy to maintain your vehicle with a well-stocked parts department and body shop, ready to assist you with your vehicle’s needs. It’s important to drive a vehicle that will add value and safety to your travels, and with everything we offer here at McCluskey, you won’t have to worry about your car’s reliability.

With guaranteed financing and an inventory of vehicles that is simply unmatched, finding what you’re looking for is a breeze with us. Plus, getting started online will allow you to see what’s available in our inventory, apply for financing, and get an idea of what you’re able to afford. This way, when it’s time to buy, you’re ready.

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