Bad Credit Car Loans Ohio

Here at McCluskey Automotive, many Ohio drivers have long been depending on our bad credit car loans. Ohio, and more specifically Cincinnati, is a great place to live, but it is not always easy to rebuild your credit when you live a busy city life. For those who have poor credit, or no credit, we are in a unique position to offer guaranteed financing for all drivers. We understand that bad credit isn’t always a choice, and is not a reflection of who you are as a person. That’s why we take every credit inquiry seriously and treat our customers with the respect they deserve.

Bad Credit is Only a Setback

Bad credit is not an ideal situation for car buyers, but it is important to understand that bad credit is only a minor setback for people needing to get behind the wheel of their own reliable forms of transportation. Many dealerships only work with lenders that approve buyers with average or above average credit, leaving bad credit buyers out in the cold. Here at McCluskey Automotive, we understand that a credit score does not define the person it belongs to, which is why we are more interested in you as a person, and not your credit score.

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We offer loans specifically tailored for buyers with bad credit, including loans that come directly from our in-house financing team of experts. Without needing to gain the approval of banks and other financial institutions, we are able to offer guaranteed financing that you can be confident of qualifying. The reason we’re able to offer car loans for bad credit when you’ve been turned down elsewhere is simple: we deal with people, not scores. Average dealerships don’t understand this concept, but rather rely on an automated lender process that determines your future based on a black and white approve or deny system. Whether you have lived your life up to this point with above-average credit, or you have struggled with poor credit throughout your entire adult life, it is important to understand the basics regarding bad credit car loans. Taking time to understand the process can better equip you to acquire a reasonable loan, and protect you from getting taken advantage of by less-than-ethical dealerships. Take the following information into consideration before you head out to acquire a car loan, and be sure to talk to the experts here at McCluskey Automotive first.

5 Key Steps You Can Take to Improve Your Credit Score

#1. Live Within Your Means

The first step to digging yourself out of a financial hole is to take an honest look at your incoming and outgoing budget. For most people, rent or a mortgage are the largest expenses. If your living situation is costing you so much that you have nothing left over, maybe it's time to reevaluate. Consider moving, taking in a roommate, or refinancing your mortgage to help manage this major expense first. If you can find affordable housing, it will allow you some financial wiggle room to get everything else under control.

#2. Pay Your Bills on Time

Set yourself up for success. Make every effort to pay your bills on time. Avoid making purchases that you can’t afford by being realistic about your financial situation. Keep your bills organized by due date, so you never accidentally miss a payment. Enroll in autopay for recurring bills and make sure to include ongoing expenses on your household budget. Checking your bank account regularly will help you stay on top of your checking account balance and avoid surprises and overdraft fees.

#3. Understand Your “Credit Utilization Ratio”

It may sound like a complicated term, but “credit utilization ratio’ simply means the amount of credit debt you have vs. the amount of credit available to you. To calculate your ratio, add up all of your current credit card balances and divide the sum by your total credit limit.

For instance, let's say you have a $500 balance on one credit card, $1200 on another and $300 on a third card. Your total balance is 500+1200+300= $2000 total. If the credit limit on each of your cards is $1500, multiplied by 3 cards, your total credit limit is $4500. Finally, you take your total credit card balances ($2000) divided by the sum of your credit limits ($4500). This makes your credit utilization ratio 2000/4500= 0.44 or 44%.

It’s considered to be a “good” ratio if the number is 30% or less. Having a low credit utilization ratio means that you aren’t maxing out your credit cards or relying on them too heavily and carrying a large balance. If you have credit cards that you aren’t using, just leave them open. You can cut up your card and throw it away, but don’t close the account. Doing this keeps your ratio low because you have more available credit on the books. Closing unused accounts will have a negative impact on your credit score because it results in a higher utilization ratio (lower available credit).

#4. Avoid Too Many Hard Inquiries on Your Credit Report

A hard inquiry means that someone checked into your credit score. This happens anytime you apply for a new credit card. Don’t apply for extra credit cards or loans that you don’t need. If you need to apply for multiple types of credit, try to do it all in a short period of time.

For example, if you apply for a credit card within the same week that you get a mortgage or a car loan, this may only count as one hard inquiry because they were both done within a short time frame. If a hard inquiry was made on your credit report by mistake, you can dispute it by contacting Equifax, Experian, or TransUnion to have it removed. Hard inquiries stay on your credit report for up to two years, so they are worth getting removed if you didn’t authorize them.

#5. Monitor Your Credit

While you want to avoid having lenders check your credit history too often, it’s okay to check your own credit score. This is considered a “soft inquiry” and won’t negatively impact your credit score. Monitoring your credit monthly to a few times a year is a good way to stay on top of your personal report and make sure that all the information is accurate. Paying attention to your credit score can help you refocus on making improvements to your long term financial goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Other dealerships have turned me down. Are you sure I will qualify for a loan?

A: Yes! At McCluskey, we believe everyone has the right to reliable transportation. We guarantee that every customer will qualify for a loan because we work with you to figure out a solution to your credit issues. Our promise is to help customers with bad credit find a car loan in Ohio. We won’t turn you away.

Q: What kind of vehicle can I get if I don’t have a big budget?

A: A certified pre-owned or used vehicle from McCluskey is a great option. We get a new stock of used cars, SUVs, and trucks in our inventory all the time. If we don’t have something in your price range today, we will search our large database and network to find you the perfect vehicle. You can save a ton of money by buying used. We are more than happy to help you find a great vehicle that you can afford.

Q: How do you convince the bank to offer a car loan to someone with bad credit?

A: We don’t! At McCluskey, we provide the loan to you ourselves. By skipping the middleman (a bank or a lender), we are able to work personally with our customers, one-on-one. We make the deal directly with you, so you never have to feel judged or rejected by a bank for having bad credit.

Driving Directions to McCluskey Auto

From Columbus:

The fastest route from Columbus is via I-71S. Say you’re heading our way from the Ohio State University campus. The directions are very simple, just get on OH-315 S. Next, take I-71 S to OH-126 W/US-27 N/Colerain Avenue in Groesbeck. Take exit 20 from OH-126 W. Follow OH-126 W/US-27 N/Colerain Ave to McCluskey Automotive on 9024 Colerain Ave, Cincinnati. The drive is about 90 minutes in typical traffic.

Another option is via I-170. Get on I-70 W/I-71 S and continue on I-70 W. Take I-675 S and I-75 S to OH-126 E/US-27 S/Colerain Avenue in Colerain Township. Take exit 33-33A-33B from I-275 W. Follow OH-126 E/US-27 S/Colerain Ave to the dealership in Groesbeck. This route is usually under two hours.

From Dayton:

If you’re starting near the RiverScape MetroPark in Dayton, you can get to the dealership in under an hour by hopping on I-75 S. Continue on I-75 S to Colerain Township. Take exit 33-33A-33B from I-275 W. Follow OH-126 E/US-27 S/Colerain Avenue to find us in Groesbeck.

Your other two options are getting off I-75 S to OH-129W or to OH-126W. Both will take just over an hour, depending on traffic conditions.

From Cincinnati:

Depending on where you start in Cincinnati, the dealership is pretty easy to get to. The best way if you’re coming from Union Terminal or Fountain Square would be by way of Colerain Avenue. Hop on I-75N. Use the right two lanes to take the U.S. 27 N exit toward Indianapolis. Take exit 18 for US-27 N toward Colerain Ave. Continue onto US-27 N/Beekman Street. Follow US-27 N and you’ll see us a little ways down. We’re about 20 minutes driving distance on this route.

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