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It doesn’t matter what kind of car you’re looking for, whether you’re planning to buy or lease, or if you’re looking for new or pre-owned. The hunt for a new vehicle can be overwhelming, and nearly every step can be wrought with some sort of frustration. Fortunately, technology has helped to make car-buying easier, assisting with research to create more informed customers, making inventory accessible online, and even assisting with requests for financing.
But what about those customers who experience difficulty in securing traditional financing, as a result of their credit history? For many, the only option is to purchase a vehicle through Buy Here Pay Here dealerships. When looking for Buy Here Pay Here Indianapolis drivers should know that their best option is right down I-74 at McCluskey Auto in Cincinnati. With an extensive inventory that dwarfs the competition, McCluskey guarantees credit-troubled customers the opportunity to finance a new vehicle.


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What is Buy Here Pay Here?


Many banks, credit unions, and third-party auto lender are restricted, beholden to the established conditions for approving financing. Recognizing that most consumers require the assistance of financing in order to purchase vehicles, Buy Here Pay Here dealers were developed as a means of granting that assistance.
By stepping into the role of the lender, dealers are able to eliminate the lending institution as an intermediary. Lending directly to, and receiving payment directly from their customers, dealers are able to guarantee to finance to those customers. And with regular on-time payments made (and reported to the credit bureau) dealers are able to provide their customers with the first step in repairing their credit.
For many credit-challenged customers, Buy Here Pay Here can be the perfect solution. It all comes down to finding the right, reputable dealer.


Addressing the Elephant


We’ve seen them too. From newspaper articles to televised reports, there have been countless Buy Here Pay Here dealerships exposed for their bad practices. Ranging from limited inventory to arbitrarily high-interest rates, unreported payments to unjustified repossession, these are unforgivable transgressions.
Buy Here Pay Here dealerships are intended to help customers, not to prey on them. At McCluskey Auto we take great pride in the steps we take to empower our customers, one vehicle at a time.


The McCluskey Difference


Whether you have bad credit or no credit, it does nothing to diminish the urgency of needing a new car. And it should do nothing to diminish certain entitlements you have as a consumer. You deserve a variety of options from which to choose. You deserve a fair interest rate. You deserve a lender who will help you to rebuild your credit and one that provides an assurance of best practices.
Anyone can ramble off a list of promises, but the proof is in the proverbial pudding. With a long list of satisfied Buy Here Pay Here customers, McCluskey steps up to meet the expectations of deserving credit-challenged customers.


Extensive Selection


Cast aside your thoughts of some rural, roadside car lot with a handful of dust-covered beaters made available to those deemed unsuitable by slick, big city dealerships.
First things first, McCluskey Auto is proud of the fact that our customers come from all walks of life. With that in mind, we are equally proud of our ability to offer an equally wide-range of vehicles, ensuring the perfect vehicle for all budgets.
Whether you’re looking at cars and crossovers, SUVs or trucks, we invite you to come and explore our dealer inventory. We take great pride in knowing that buying from McCluskey Auto comes with an assurance of safety, reliability, and satisfaction.
And as a GM-certified dealer, we are glad to offer a variety of Certified Pre-Owned Chevrolet, Buick, and GMC vehicles. If you’re not familiar with GM’s Certified Pre-Owned program, we recommend that you take a closer look. In terms of added assurance, backed by both McCluskey Auto and General Motors, it doesn’t get much better.


Making Financing Easy


You’ve already taken the first step…you’re here.

As we mentioned above, some of the tedium of car buying has been diminished by technology. With that in mind, we aim to make it as easy as possible to get you the financing that you need. Right here at, you can complete an online application for financing that could save you hours at a dealership. Together, we can get you into your new car faster.


The First Step to Repairing Your Credit


And yes, even if that car was purchased from a Buy Here Pay Here dealer, your regular and on-time payments should have a positive impact on your credit rating. Why? Because any vehicle purchase is a serious commitment. If you’re making regular and on-time payments, it should matter, regardless of the nature of your lending agreement.
At McCluskey Auto, we appreciate the opportunity to help get you on your path to repaired credit. And as a guaranteed lender, we feel that you deserve the guarantee that your responsible repayment matters.


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Words mean nothing until they’re given the chance to become actions. Just as you’re looking to prove yourself as a consumer with good credit standing, we are always looking for the opportunity to help challenged consumers to do so.
Why? Because credit is a number, and sometimes life happens. By the halfway point of 2017, 49% of Americans claim to be living paycheck to paycheck. This equates to approximately 122 million Americans.
In fact, 31% of Americans don’t have at least $500 set aside for an emergency.This means that a simple ‘bad month’ could have a drastic effect on the finances of one-third of our country. It becomes easy to see just how easily any of us could become credit-challenged.
At McCluskey Auto, we are less concerned with the ‘why’ than we are with the ‘who’. Whether you live in Indianapolis or its surrounding communities, if you need the assistance of a Buy Here Pay Here dealership, we hope that you’ll choose us.


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