Car Loans with Bad Credit – Cincinnati, OH

Instead of searching endlessly for a car loan with bad credit in Cincinnati, OH, why not check out the benefits of buy here, pay here? While they may have had bad reputations when they first came about, that’s no longer the case. Now, buy here, pay here dealerships are there to truly help the consumer get into a car. There are a few different ways to get a bad credit car loan, but getting one from a BHPH dealership is the way to go. It’s a one stop shopping experience, you can build more of a reputation with the dealership, and you are guaranteed financing if you go to this type of dealership.


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The biggest benefit of a BHPH dealership is that it’s an effortless experience compared to tirelessly searching for financing through other sources.

One Stop Shopping

At a BHPH dealership, you’ll have a one stop shopping experience. Everything is done in-house: the financial approval, car loan, shopping experience, and payments are all done at the buy here, pay here dealership. This makes sense when you consider that BHPH dealerships take on those who are unable to find financing elsewhere. It’s important for them to be able to guarantee financing for those who are seeking help getting a car.

The reason buy here, pay here dealerships are able to approve financing in-house is because they are the lenders, and so will determine what kind of financing they want to give you — even with a poor credit score. After they determine how much they are willing to risk loaning you, they will show you what type of cars fall within that price range. These cars might not be new and shiny, but they are dependable and will get you down the road. Now that you’ve got a car, the next step in the process is making payments.

Making payments at a BHPH dealership is a little different when compared to other dealerships. Instead of sending in money via check, you’ll most likely be paying cash bi-weekly. This means you’ll be at the dealership twice a month paying off your loan.


Reputation is Key



All that time spent adds up. But, it’s also another plus of getting financing from a BHPH dealership. At first, it might seem like a nuisance — until it’s time to refinance your loan for a lower interest rate through the same dealership you’ve built a reputation with. That’s assuming you’ve been paying each month on time, of course. Having this reputation with the dealership will make it easier for them to trust you, which means they will have no problem refinancing your loan or helping you get into a better car as your credit score improves.

When you do business with new or used car dealerships – where they require you make loan payments once a month by mailing in a check – you lose out on the opportunity to build a friendly professional relationship with the dealership. Which means it might be harder for them to understand a missed payment, or give you the green light on upgrading your ride.


Guaranteed Financing



Knowing that you will have guaranteed financing is the real benefit of going to a buy here, pay here dealership though. It takes all the hassle and struggle out of independently attempting to get a car loan with a bad or subpar credit score. Instead, you are able to walk in to a BHPH dealership and apply for financing. Since they are equipped to take on customers with bad credit, these dealerships will have no problem getting you into the right car to best suit your budget.

Along with this guaranteed financing, it’s also a guaranteed way to build your credit back up. Even if it’s a bad credit car loan, you are still making monthly payments on an investment, which is going to slowly increase your credit score. Eventually, you’ll be able to refinance for a better used car, then one day even maybe a brand new car — if your payments are made on time.


McCluskey Automotive: The Better Kind of Used Car Dealer



Since the day we opened our doors, our goal has been to be the better kind of used car dealer — not just another run-of-the-mill one. Which is why the whole team here at McCluskey Automotive is happy and proud to welcome you wholeheartedly to our dealership, and why we genuinely look forward to working with you.

We have been serving drivers throughout the tri-state region for many years now, and are confident that we’ve built a used car dealership that has successfully strayed from the norm. Here, you’ll find a broad selection of affordably priced quality used cars that have low miles, and are from recent model years. We take things a step further, and offer a lifetime powertrain guarantee, along with a $500 best price guarantee so you can feel confident you’re getting a great deal. On top of that, we provide you with a nationwide vehicle search to help you find the exact make, model, trim, and color that you want. These offerings make us much more than a dealership, they make us a used car dealership with all the resources high-end shoppers expect to find.

Speaking of resources, we can track down just about anything and offer you the lowest price possible. That means, you only need to make one stop to get all of your shopping done. For those consumers with bad credit, don’t worry — we’ll take care of you as well. We guarantee that we will be able to get you into a car, and send you down the road with a smile on your face.

Visit McCluskey Automotive for Buy Here Pay Here in Cincinnati. We are located at 9024 Colerain Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45251 in front of Target.