Buying a Car with Bad Credit

Welcome to McCluskey Automotive – the dealership Cincinnati residents trust for all of their car buying needs. McCluskey Automotive may look like other dealerships from the outside, but what we have to offer everyone who walks through our doors, promises to surpass all of your previous car buying expectations. The McCluskey Automotive name is well known here in Cincinnati, and for good reason. Our reputable dealership is dedicated to providing everyone with the chance at car ownership, regardless of their credit. If you are in a position that has limited your car buying options, McCluskey Automotive is here to assure you that buying a car with bad credit is more than possible.


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No Credit? Bad Credit? McCluskey Automotive Wants to Offer You a Second Chance


The folks at McCluskey Automotive understand that good people often fall on hard times. The cyclical nature of poor credit makes it hard for those who find themselves in this situation to determine a realistic way out. In an honest effort to correct your past mistakes, you have perused one promising job opportunity after another. At every interview, your promise of finding a reliable job is squandered when your potential employer realizes you do not have access to a reliable form of transportation. In tune with your recent commitment to get your life back on the path to financial success, you take the bus to a local dealership to secure the car that will unlock your unlimited potential. That same enthusiasm you had at your last job interview is once again deflated by a salesman who delivers the news you do not want to hear – you have been turned down for a car loan due to bad credit.

At this juncture in your life, you have two options: 1 – Go back home and sleep the day away, accepting your falsely perceived destiny of failure; or 2 – Get back on the horse, or in this case on the bus, and head down to McCluskey Automotive, where everyone is guaranteed to be approved for a car loan.

McCluskey Automotive is not your run of the mill used car lot. We are a proud member of the McCluskey Automotive Group, a well-established business located right here in Cincinnati. We believe that every person deserves a second chance to get their life back on track, and rather than capitalize on your situation, or turn you away entirely, we offer practical solutions that will get your credit score back where it needs to be.


Bad Credit Car Loans and Choosing the Right Dealership


Every car buyer, whether they posses perfect credit or bad credit, should make it a point to find a reputable dealership they know they can count on. Purchasing a car from a dealership where you enjoy spending time, staffed with a team of individuals who actually care about you, that offers convenient hours at a great location, are all important factors to consider. That new road side used car lot that entices you to buy their “certified” used cars with flashy neon signs and an exorbitant amount of balloons, may seem great at first – but these “pop-up” dealerships disappear almost as quickly as they appear. They leave well-meaning car buyers with a vehicle that doesn’t work, thousands of dollars they no longer have, and in a situation worse than the one they were in just one day prior.

If you are heading out to buy a car with bad credit, it is especially important that you do your due diligence and only work with a dealership you know you can count on. Unfortunately, unethical dealers will often seek out buyers with bad credit in order to position them for failure in paying back their lofty loan, with outrageous interest rates they simply can’t keep up with. Here at McCluskey Automotive, we have been in business for decades, and we can assure you, we have no plans to go anywhere. We will stand firmly behind any used vehicle you buy from our inventory, and we will work with you personally to help rebuild your credit score. The McCluskey Automotive team doesn’t just want to get you into a car to make some money, we want to see you succeed and reach all of your future goals and ambitions. Oftentimes, the first step in this process is securing a realistic auto loan from a dealership that is sympathetic to your unique situation. When you seek out a bad credit car loan from McCluskey Automotive, we will not only set you up for optimal success, we will report your payment history to the proper credit bureaus, so that your credit score will improve with every on-time payment you make. For some dealerships, the most important part of their process is getting you into a vehicle, but for us here at McCluskey Automotive, our main goal is to help you get back on your feet with an improved credit score.


With McCluskey Automotive, the Answer is Always YES!



Too many people who find themselves with bad credit fear the prospect of reaching out and asking for help. Whether that means asking a family member to co-sign on a vehicle, or going to an actual dealership and navigating the process on your own, there is almost always a fear of rejection. Being turned down for a loan because of poor credit is one of the most gut-wrenching experiences a person can go through. At McCluskey Automotive, you won’t have to fear the possibility of rejection, because we guarantee that you will be approved for financing.

Our in-house finance team will work with you in earnest to find you an interest rate and loan amount you are comfortable with. The McCluskey Automotive team will set up realistic bi-weekly payments that you will be able to make here in person, or on our secure website. However you are able to pay back your loan, you can count on McCluskey Automotive to work with you and get your credit back to where it needs to be. Once we work with you and agree on a payment plan, our sales team will show you a few great vehicle options that you can choose from. As always, we will work with what your lifestyle requirements are, and find you a great vehicle that you can be proud to call your very own.

McCluskey Automotive is open seven days a week, which gives you the opportunity to come down and see us when it is most convenient for you. When you arrive at McCluskey Automotive on the bus, or are dropped off by a friend, you will have confidence knowing that it is the last time you will need to rely on someone else for a ride. Until you take that step, and begin the journey to buying a car with bad credit at McCluskey Automotive, you won’t truly know to what extent your bad credit has been weighing you down.

Next time you head out on a job interview, you can hold your head high, and confidently answer yes to the question of whether or not you have reliable transportation. A simple handshake later, and you will be on your way to successfully digging yourself out of the credit hole you stumbled into however long ago.


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