Benefits of Buy Here Pay Here Dealerships

If you are like most American’s who are currently struggling with today’s economic climate, then you are more popular than you think. Regardless of your income, the money you do or do not have or possibly borrowing from lenders, financial stress is a serious and all too familiar issue in today’s average household.   Fortunately, because this is such a relevant issue, there are many places that are willing to help people out of their current circumstances.  Cincinnati Buy Here Pay Here car lots are just one of those places.  While they aren’t for everyone, they can certainly help those who are in need by providing specific services which will help you improve your current situation.  

Accepted Guarantee

Buy Here Pay Here dealerships are in the business to help you. Because Buy Here Pay Here car lots are ideal for people may be having trouble with their finances, they appeal to a wide variety of people and usually all will be accepted.   Buy Here Pay Here lots are not in the habit of turning people away because of low credit score or shoddy history.  They are a specific niche who know they provide special services under sometimes extreme circumstances.  Satisfying customers in these situations is how their business succeeds.   Because you have a need that they can fill allows them to help solve problems for you. You may be skeptical, but if you’re given the opportunity to get into a car that gets you to your current or new employment which allows you to make payments on time which helps improve your credit score and over time improves your history, wouldn’t you take it?  It’d seem silly not to.  

Provides Reliable Transportation


These days, having reliable transportation is a necessity for earning a paycheck, taking yourself or family to doctors appointments, normal everyday errands.  If you are someone who lives outside an urban landscape where city or town transportation is not afforded you then a vehicle can sometimes be the only other choice.  Buy Here Pay Here lots provide many choices of used vehicles that can be the exact match for meeting your needs.   Whether you need a compact, fuel efficient car to get you to and from work or a larger vehicle that can comfortably commute your family to and from school or doctors visits, a car lot with plenty of options will be waiting for you to make you choice.   Let’s suppose for a minute that you didn’t go to a Buy Here Pay Here lot and used your down payment instead on purchasing a vehicle from a private seller or even shoddy dealership who would sell a vehicle at such a low price.  Let’s say the money amount is $1000.   Imagine the quality car you would get for $1000 rather than the quality car you could get by putting $1000 down on a car you would continue to pay on.  Obviously, the quality is in the down payment.  Not only are you ensuring the safety of yourself and any passengers, but you’re also ensuring the safety of other who are on the road with you.  

Credit History Not Required

This is what gets to most people.  Regardless of how moral or good you happen to be, credit history can easily sway lenders images and perceptions and if yours isn’t great, then it’s going to be more difficult to get the auto loan you are looking for.   But there’s good news!  Buy Here Pay Here lots aren’t interested in your credit history!   This doesn’t mean they’re not interested in if you can afford or make payments.  What this means is, we all have a history and they’re not interested in what you have looked like on paper.  Buy Here Pay Here lots are interested in present and current situations.  They are interested in the money you have come to the lot with.  This shows them you are serious about getting into a better car.  It also shows them you have been saving which shows responsibility and willingness to make payments.  

Rebuild Credit

Because you are serious about bettering your situation, you are going to be on time with your payments which is going to start impacting your credit score in a positive way.  Depending on how much you are able to put as an initial down payment dictates what your monthly, or weekly, payment will be.   Be realistic and honest with your dealership about what you can afford.  You will not be improving any situations, let alone yours, if choose a car which has payments that will be too much.   The point is to improve your situation.  Start low.  Aim high.  

Highly Regulated Industry

Buy Here Pay Here lots used to be considered risky business because once upon a time, decades ago, there were less regulations and government didn’t care about customer protection.  These days, that is simply not the case.  The automotive industry in general is highly regulated by the city, state and national government to protect both the auto manufacturer as well as the customer.   With just over twelve laws, rules and acts that must be followed (The Fair & Accurate Credit Transaction Act, The Safeguards Rule, The Disposal Rule, The Fair Debt Collections Practices Act, State & Federal Unfair & Deceptive Practices Laws, The Red Flags Rule, The Rise Based Pricing Rule, State Usury Laws, The Truth In Lending Act, The Used Car Rule and The Privacy Rule) the government has set out to protect everyone involved in deciding which cars are deemed appropriate and safe for road travel.   Should any of these rules be broken or not obeyed, the government does intervene.  Penalties include a variation of fees with the looming threat of eventual closing of said business.   With all this being said, why would a business risk fees or possibility of closing just to scam a potential customer.  It makes more financial sense to put a customer in a vehicle they can afford to pay for, build a strong customer relationship while earning their loyalty through good business than to make a quick buck by risking it all.  

Accept Most Trade Ins

Most Buy Here Pay Here dealerships understand the value of getting proper use out of a car that can handle it.  Because dealerships that deal with new or certified programs require higher standards, they do not sell cars that are over a certain mileage or year.  This is practiced more because of customer perception than anything else. In the last five years, stricter government regulations mean that cars are being produced to last even longer and ensure the same level of safety.  Even with this knowledge, customers don’t like to buy older vehicles and dealerships know they can sell newly used cars for much more.  So what happens to the cars that are trade-ins but still have a lot of value in them?   Buy Here Pay Here lots understand this value and can still get good use from these vehicles.  Allow for some maintenance and these vehicles still run great and cost about half of what they would on a certified lot.   Buy Here Pay Here lots are in the business to provide you with a service.  Being part of a specific niche, they are in a unique situation to accommodate your needs while helping to improve your financial circumstances which aids in improving the quality of your life.  Should you find yourself in a situation where help is needed, there is always some available at a Buy Here Pay Here dealership.