Used Hyundai Accent

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  • Overview

    Silver Used Hyundai Accent angled left

    Few subcompact cars have been embraced worldwide like the Hyundai Accent. The model is obviously a hit in the United States and South Korea (where the brand originates), but it’s also been disappearing from car lots in China, Russia, India, Indonesia, Mexico, and the Philippines.

    While the vehicle tends to be a bit pricey when purchased new, the model is actually a perfectly logical option for those seeking a used car. In particular, the third generation (which was produced between 2010 and 2017) has proven to be one of the brand’s best innovations, providing drivers with a combination of engine capabilities, interior amenities, and style. Best of all, the model has previously been named the “most dependable subcompact car” by J.D. Power and Associates, confirming it’s status as a perfect used target. Plus, since this specific generation of the model dates back to the beginning of the decade, you can secure one of these vehicles for an incredibly affordable price!

    Continue reading to see what each of these individual model years will provide to consumers. When you’re finished exploring what each of these variations can deliver, you’ll be ready to start searching for a used Hyundai Accent

  • 2012

    Silver 2012 Used Hyundai Accent driving on the highway

    The third-generation Hyundai Accent was as popular as ever, but there’s no denying that the model was quickly getting stale. While consumers were still enthralled with everything that a subcompact car could deliver, they were admittedly seeking a sportier, more stylish vehicle.

    Well, Hyundai certainly heard these recommendations, and the brand’s engineers subsequently revamped several aspects of their beloved model. For starters, engineers swapped the three-door design with the roomier, more convenient five-door configuration, and they also did an admirable job of adding athleticism via the sleeker, sudden lines and curves. Meanwhile, the interior was revised to not only include opulent materials, but the brand was also focused on improving the entire driving experience. This meant they had to add a number of amenities that influenced both entertainment and convenience, and they certainly succeeded with the fourth generation of the Hyundai Accent.

    Other than the major cosmetic changes to the model, the other major revision in the fourth-generation Hyundai Accent had to do with the engine. The 1.6-liter double overhead-cam engine saw its power specs boosted to a respectable 138 horsepower and 123 pounds-feet of torque. However, perhaps the most impressive improvement came via the fuel efficiency. Inclusions like the variable value timing and either the manual or six-speed automatic transmission ultimately influenced the incredible 37-mile-per-gallon highway fuel efficiency (28 miles per gallon in the city). To put it over the top, engineers assured that the unit would produce low emissions, meaning owners can also appreciate their clean, environmentally-conscious commute.

    Another notable improvement came via the car’s safety capabilities, as drivers could expect the utmost protection when traveling in the Hyundai Accent. Standard safety functions included an air bag system featuring six units and seatbelt pre-tensioners, which prove to be invaluable when you’re in a collision.

  • 2013

    Black interior of a 2013 Used Hyundai Accent

    The fourth-generation Hyundai Accent was embraced by customers, but engineers still focused on refining the model for the 2013 model year. For starters, customers could still choose between three appealing trim options in the GLS (four-door) and the GE and SE (five-door). The SE is the fully decked-out version that includes all of the desirable amenities, although drivers can opt for the Premium Package to unlock these advantages on the GLS.

    While engineers didn’t touch the engine, other mechanical aspects of the vehicle were revised as the brand pursued the sportiest subcompact in the segment. Cargo space was also boosted, especially in the hatchback version of the vehicle. Finally, drivers now had the opportunity to add a number of notable features to their vehicle, like a revised air-conditioning unit, keyless-entry capabilities, the much-appreciated heated mirrors, and several charging docks. The majority of these inclusions will drastically influence convenience, and drivers will quickly find that their commute is improved due to these specific features.

  • 2014

    Closeup of a Silver 2014 Used Hyundai Accent from the front in the desert at dusk

    Hyundai was seemingly content with the quality of the 2013 model, so they made few changes for the 2014 Accent. However, engineers did add a number of amenities to several of the trim offerings. For instance, the base model of the sedan saw the addition of larger, more rugged wheels and a “blind spot mirror,” which proved to be an essential safety amenity. The GS trim received a set of projector beam headlights, which provide drivers with extra visibility on those dark and stormy nights. Finally, the ES trim received several convenience technologies, including a push button start and a backup camera.

  • 2015-2016

    Closeup of wheel on a Red used Hyundai Accent

    Unfortunately, there were few changes to the 2015 model. Of course, that’s fine with us, as the 2014 model was more than impressive. Ultimately, the 2015 variation of the model saw the addition of a new grille, which certainly helped emphasize the athletic persona that Hyundai was striving for.

    2016 saw even smaller changes. The lone revision was to the SE trim, which became the model’s standard offering. While consumers may be disappointed by the lack of additions, as a used car buyer, this could work to your advantage. Since there are barely any changes between the 2014 and 2016 model, you could presumably secure an older model for a better price without compromising any specific features or capabilities.

  • 2017

    Blue 2017 Used Hyundai Accent parked in front of modern building

    Finally, the brand slightly revamped the Hyundai Accent in time for the 2017 model. Perhaps the most significant change came via the addition of the “Value Edition,” which provided customers with the opportunity to buy the model for a much more affordable price. This specific model included a number of amenities that improve drive quality. However, these amenities were usually unattainable, as they’re often accompanied by costly additions to your monthly payment. By opting for this specific version of the Accent, drivers could capitalize on the car’s Bluetooth connectivity, steering wheel-mounted controls, and cruise control functions. Cosmetically and mechanically, engineers also included a new storage area beneath the armrest, revised disc brakes, and the striking 16-inch wheels.

    Otherwise, the vehicle primarily stayed the same. The 1.6-liter engine was still featured under the hood, and the car was equipped with the always-reliable safety functions.

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