Used Buick Enclave

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  • Overview

    White Used Buick Enclave angled left

    The Buick Enclave might just be the automotive equivalent of perfect camouflage.


    First, consider its existence amid the endless sea of crossover and SUV offerings. With an almost hive-mind mentality, automakers continue to throw the kitchen sink into each model year, determined to anticipate every potential need of drivers and passengers from every walk of life. The result is a marketplace full of vehicles with little to distinguish them from one another, aside from their badging and appreciable differences in aesthetic.

    A closer look brings our attention to the Buick line as a whole. Nestled comfortably within the GM fold, it’s fair to say that many car buyers might be inclined to overlook Buick offerings. With economy-minded shoppers favoring the likes of Chevy’s Traverse or the Tahoe, and luxury-minded shoppers fixing their gaze upon Cadillac’s XT5 or Escalade, the Enclave blends into the background all-too-easily.

    But today’s Buick embodies a thoughtful blend of the two mindsets, delivering premium luxury-inspired offerings, albeit priced more accessibly than some high-end GM stablemates. Enjoying massive success throughout its decade of existence, the Buick Enclave has been a prime example a sleeper-hit. For those interested in a Used Buick Enclave there are countless reasons to get excited about what this midsize SUV has brought to the party.

  • 2008

    Brown/gold Used Buick Enclave angled left on a brown and black background

    Introduced for the 2007 model year, the Buick Enclave single-handedly retired two Buick offerings: the truck-inspired Rainier and minivan-styled Rendezvous. This type of refinement was a product of its time, with crossover and SUV styling taking center stage even at a time when fuel costs were becoming a major consideration of car buyers everywhere.

    The Enclave represented a departure from the norm for Buick and beckoned SUV customers to take a closer look at this compelling offering which seemed to break the mold of perception. Bridging the gap between economy and luxury (with a foot planted firmly in each) the Enclave boasted a spacious interior (even within the midsize SUV class) and some very strong choices in terms of materials and design.

    Buick’s claim that the design had been influenced by the cabins of private jets was immediately tangible. Tasteful wood-grain accents and unique instrumentation lighting created a unique ambiance, and seating for up to eight passengers (depending on the style of second-row seating chosen) was masterfully executed. In fact, one of the Enclave’s most significant successes was its ability to comfortably accommodate adult passengers, enhanced by the ease of entry and departure. And in the absence of passengers, fold-down seating provided an immense of cargo space (up to 116 cubic feet) validating it’s utilitarian ‘street-cred’.

    Powered by a. 3.6-liter V6 mated to a six-speed automatic, the Enclave delivered 275 horsepower and 251 lb-ft of torque. Available in both front or all-wheel drive, it was rated for 20 mpg combined (24 highway, 16 city) and offered great versatility including a 4500 LB towing capacity (when properly equipped).

    And in terms of available technologies, the Enclave was an immediate stand-out, offering four different entertainment packages to enhance an already impressive list of features. While the multi-disc CD changer might dated by today standards, the option of a 10-speaker Bose audio system is still relevant and represents the forward-thinking approach that would evolve in model years to follow.

  • 2013

    Brown Used Buick Enclave driving on an ocean-side road

    The 2013 model year served as a tentpole of the Enclave’s first-generation. Despite Buick’s role as the soft-spoken cousin within the GM line, the Enclave had garnered significant success within its segment. Considering everything that it had to offer, this was no real surprise; and yet Buick showed no interest in resting upon its laurels. That said, the refresh was based in subtlety, as opposed to the kind of desperate overhauls that many automakers use to breathe new life into a failing offering.

    Fueled by its impressive niche popularity, the 2013 Buick Enclave embodied the kind of confident refinement that comes with maturity. Few improvements were made in terms of performance, but then again so few were needed. The powertrain went largely unchanged despite a slight bump in output, delivering 288 hp and 270 lb-ft of torque. The real focus of the refresh came down to design and materials.

    The (already spacious) interior was now enhanced with soft-touch materials, accented by contrast stitching. The controls were simplified, updating touchscreen technology in a tasteful manner (and making touch controls configurable in order to best suit the driver). Most notably, the Enclave was made available in a single trim level, with Buick offering three strategic equipment packages for customization. This kind of reserved approach spoke volumes as to how well-executed the Enclave was.

    The Convenience Group package, for example, added a number of comfort amenities such as rear privacy glass and three-zone climate control. Bluetooth-enabled, the infotainment system was built around the IntelliLink interface, which included voice recognition and music streaming. Of course, the latter was supported by analog means as well, with the inclusion of CD, auxiliary and USB inputs allowing for endless means of soundtracking your windshield time.

    Style and comfort were enhanced further by the Leather and Premium Group packages, which included heater leather seating, but also featured Driver Assist features such as cross traffic alert and blind-spot warning. Additional options include Bose surround sound audio and navigation capabilities round out the features.

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