Buy Here Pay Here Loans Offer Guaranteed Financing for Everyone


Whoever said “Nothing in life is guaranteed,” obviously didn’t know about buy here pay here dealerships. In that person’s defense, the buy here pay here loan structure was likely not around at the time those words were first spoken, but they have been echoed throughout the years since by thousands of people around the world. So while the originator is off the hook as far as we are concerned, the rest of you are not. Regardless of who said what and when, the fact remains: buy here pay here in Dayton, Cincinnati, and Columbus is the only guaranteed way for drivers to get behind the wheel of their very own cars, bad credit and all.

Find Out if You Need a Buy Here Pay Here Loan

Buy here pay here auto loans are not always the best option for every driver on the road, but they can be a tremendous help to certain people in certain financial situations. Because a buy here pay here loan is considered to be a high risk endeavor, they carry a higher interest rate than traditional loans, and often get a bad reputation as a result. The truth of the matter is that buy here pay here loans are often the only chance a person has to get back on their feet, and regain control of their financial future. While they are not recommended for someone with a higher credit score, they have been incredibly beneficial to buyers with bad credit, or no credit at all.

Check out a few different scenarios that are common here in the United States, and discover whether or not you should seek out a buy here pay here loan if you find yourself in one of them.

  • Young with Untamed Credit: You are a young adult, just turned eighteen not too long ago. Despite this fact, you have found yourself in a tight financial spot with little help from family and friends. You need a car to get to and from your job so that you don’t lose it, but you can’t get a traditional auto loan from a dealership. Everywhere you go, salesmen have laughed in your face upon seeing your credit score, and it has left you feeling deflated. Just as you are liable to give up and accept your fate as a person with bad credit, you hear about a local dealership who offers buy here pay here loans. Intrigued by promises of guaranteed financing, regardless of credit, you make the decision to go to the location and ask questions. You find that the process is different than traditional car buying, and you are allowed to pick one vehicle out of a few options presented by the dealership. As much as you had your heart set on something else, you realize that this auto loan has the potential for turning your life around, and helping you get out of debt. At eighteen years of age, and no family member to co-sign a loan for you, a buy here pay here loan is the best way to turn things around, and get your untamed debt back under control.
  • Older with Less than Perfect Credit: Maybe you aren’t eighteen, but much older. After a successful first half of your life in regards to finances, you find yourself struggling with the second half. While you don’t have terrible credit, you certainly aren’t going to win any awards for your financial report card. Over the past sixty years, you have gotten carried away with life, and while you don’t regret any of the past, you find yourself afraid for the future. With grandchildren and adult children worried about you, you seek out alternative ways to rebuild your credit and get things back in order. You find a buy here pay here dealership in town, and head in to discuss your different options for securing a new car loan. After meeting with a dealer representative, you are unsure whether it is the right fit. While your credit is not perfect, it is far from subprime, and the dealership believes a traditional auto loan is a more appropriate option for your current situation. Your adult children are all successful, and you find that if one is willing to cosign your car loan, you have a much better chance of getting a lower interest rate with less money down. You are happy to have learned that dealerships offer a viable option for people who are truly struggling, but you come to the realization that your particular situation is not one that requires a buy here pay here car loan.
  • Mid-Life Credit Crisis: There is nothing worse than the feeling that your debt is beginning to creep up and consume you. You recently lost your job because your transportation was unreliable, and you were continuously coming into work late, or missing it altogether. Relying on neighbors and friends for a daily ride into work is not a long term solution, and that fact finally caught up with you. You have always known your credit score was bad, but have never known to what extent. Knowing that you will need to get a car in order to get things moving in the opposite direction, you check your credit score on one of the free sites. As you click submit, your stomach churns in worry. Once the software is finished fetching your score, a number pops up that represents your worst fear. On the sliding scale of creditworthiness, yours is far to the left, and sits within a deep crimson red. Immediately, you begin scouring the internet for its meaning. It doesn’t take long to find out a car loan is not feasible, and just as you are getting ready to throw in the towel, you see something about guaranteed financing for everyone. Intrigued, you click it and begin reading. As it turns out, dealerships in Cincinnati, like McCluskey Automotive, have a buy here pay here program that allows anyone, regardless of credit, to buy a used vehicle. Without having ties to any close family members, you know that a co-signer is not an option, and that despite the higher interest rates that buy here pay here loans offer, you know it is your only option. You choose McCluskey Automotive because it has a stellar reputation in Cincinnati and the Columbus area, and you begin your journey to car ownership, and improved credit.

If you are struggling with bad credit, uncontrollable debt, or are having a hard time securing a traditional automotive loan for any other reason, come down to McCluskey Automotive and find out if a buy here pay here loan is right for you. If it is, you can be driving home in your new-to-you car today.